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???-? ???-? 1ˊ???? 8 )?????L????L???? ????L????L???????? 100 ?????? 120 ??? ??? 2ˊ?L?? ?L????????????? ?????????????? ??????? 0.5mm ?????????????L??? ??? ??? 3ˊ??L??? ??L???? 2B ????L????L?Ё???????????? ????L????L?Ё???????????? 4ˊ???L??? ???L???? 0.5mm ?????????????L???L?????? ?????????????L???L??????????? ????? ????? ?????????????? ?????????? 40 ?L: ??L 1 ??? 40 ?? ??? ???Ё????? 10 ?????L???? A?B?C?D ???-Ё???? ?????????-????L?????-??????????? 1. About _______ of the workers in that steel factory ______ young people. A. Three-fifths; is B. Three-fifth; are C. Three-five; is D. Three-fifths; are 2. _______ his poor health, he managed to finish the task in advance. A. In spite of B. Despite of C. Due to D. Because 3. There used to be a lot of trees in front of your house, _________? A. didn’t it B. did there C. usedn’t it D. didn’t there 4. He had a talent for laying tiles and he began to _______ additional “side jobs” laying tiles in the evening after school. A. take off B. take on C. take away D. take up 5. It doesn’t matter ______ you pay by cash or credit card in our gas station. A. how B. that C. whether D. what 6. ________, I’d start from something easy, such as doing some sports once a week at first. A. If I was you B. If I had been you C. Were I you D. Had I been you 7. It was years ______ the domestic microwave oven came on the market in 1995. A. since B. before C. when D. that 8. I feel very tired, because I _______ up the rooms in the house the whole morning. A.had tidied B. tidied C. have tidied D. have been tidying 9. Don’t stand too close to or too far from the person ______ you are talking. A. with whom B. with that C. whom D. that 10. At the reception, with the guests _____ around tables full of food and drink, the groom made a speech ______ the bride and thanking all those guests. A. sitting; honoured B. seated; honouring C. seating; honoured D. sat; honouring
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11. --- Could you be so kind as to close the window ? --- _________ A. With pleasure. B. Go ahead. C. Yes, please. D. That's OK. 12.--- I feel so nervous about the coming Mid-Term Examination. --- _________ A. Take your time. B. Glad to hear that. C. Sounds great. D. Take it easy. 13. ---I’m afraid I have a complaint to make about the service. ---_________ A. Look out. B. Oh, I’m sorry about that. C. Of course, if you wish. D. So what? 14. --- Well, I do think the pet dog is a gentle animal which can be our friends. --- _______ A. So does it. B. So is it . C. So it is. D. So it does. 15. --- My brother will go to America for further education this summer. --- _______ Actually, we have many good universities here at home. A. Why bother ? B. So what ? C. Forget it. D. What if ? You: Excuse me, sir. May I have a word with you? Supervisor: Sure. What can I do for you? You: It’s about the slippery floor. People can fall and get injured. Supervisor: You are right. A warning sign should be put up after the floor is mopped. 16. You are reporting the ______to the supervisor. A. safety B. hazards C. rules D. warnings Lily: I’m afraid we just don’t see eye to eye on this. Let’s call a meeting with the rest of the team and see what they think. John: Okay, let’s do that. 17. It’s clear that Lily _______John. A. agrees with B. disagrees with C. fights with D. argues with Woman: Do you get along well with your brothers? Man: Of course, we do. We’re really tight. Woman: I am jealous. My brothers can’t stand each other. Man: Really? I am sorry to hear that. 18. What does the woman imply? A. She is jealous to her brother. B. She gets along well with her brother. C. She can’t get along well with her brother. D. Her brother likes her. Woman: What’s the time by your watch? Man: A quarter past two. And it is five minutes slow. 19. What’s the time now? A. 2:15 B. 2:20 C. 2:25 D. 2:10
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Amy, I’ve been waiting for you. I thought you were going to bring me your research about how brain size affects intelligence. Woman: I’m sorry, professor. I completely forget to bring it today. But I promise I’ll remember to bring it tomorrow. 20. What’s the probably relationship between the man and the woman? A. Professor and student B. Two classmates C. Boss and secretary D. Doctor and patient My name is Lucy. My clients often asked me how they look more professional. Here are two tips. Ladies, don’t cut your hair when you turn 35! In today’s corporate world, having long hair doesn’t mean people are less likely to respect you. Guys, beards are for lumberjacks! A clean face and short, clipped hair is still the corporate standard. 21. What is Lucy? A. A chef B. A technician C. A director D. A hairdresser They are bad at time management . They’re late for everything, including work. They tend to spend too much time on e-mails, take long lunches and then get others to help them meet their deadlines, which, for some reason, they keep missing. 22. According to the above paragraph, what kind of people are they? A. The crackers B. The mould guy C. The Broken clock D. The gossip John: Miss, is there still time for a cup of coffee on this flight? Kate: Yes, but you have to drink it fast, because we will be landing in ten minutes. 23. Where did the conversation most probably take place? A. On the bus B. In the restaurant C. In the coffee shop D. On a plane Broad Investment Co. Ltd John Smith Manager Queen’s Road Hong Kong Tel: (852)2987 Fax: (852)2988 E-mail: BC99@net.vigator.com 24.It is a(n)______. A. Christmas card B. visiting card C. inviting card D. birthday card French women love to eat chocolate, meat, and butter every day. They rarely go to the gym, and they don’t play sports often. But most French women are slim, and they look great. Only 10 percent of women in France are fat. 25. What do we know about French women from the above passage? A. They like going to gym very much. B. They are fond of French food. C. Most French women aren’t fat. D. They don’t eat breakfast. ??? ???Ё?????????????Ё??? A?B?C?D?E ???-Ё?? ???????????-????L?????-???????????
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A. Forget about it. B. Don’t worry about it too much. C. How could he do that to you? D. What’s the matter ? E. but you can’t let it bother you too much. A: 26 darling? B: I got fired today, but I have no idea why? A: I thought you were an excellent worker. 27 B: I don’t know. I guess he thinks I’m not efficient, or something. I’m sure the boss will come to regret his decision. A: 28 B: Maybe, but now I’m worried about the money. What will we do for the rent? A: 29 I understand how you feel, 30 We will find a way out of the problem. ??? ???Ё???????????????????L??? A?B?C?D ???-Ё?? ????????????-????L?????-??????????? It seems that the cities in the future will have to change. Because the world’s population 31 , there will be a 32 number of people in the cities tomorrow. for any family to live in a house 34 land around it. There won’t be It may be 33 enough 35 for them. A way 36 this problem may be the skyscraper city. The highest building in the world today is in Taipei. It’s about 509 meters high. The skyscraper cities in the future will be many times higher. In a skyscraper city about 250,000 people will live. Nearly 37 people can live in four of these great buildings. Each skyscraper city will have four towns in it and each town will have ten their free time in them. They won’t need to leave the city villages. They will live, work and 38 39 they want to. They will be able to move about in the city by transport controlled by computers. Let’s imagine 40 the life will be like then! 31.A. has grown B. is growing C. are growing D. have grown 32.A. many B. much C. more D. larger 33.A. impossible B. possible C. important D. necessary 34 A. in B. with C. of D. by 35.A. house B. rooms C. space D. buildings 36.A. to solving B. solves C. to solve D. solving 37.A. a million B. million of C. millions D. a million of 38.A. cost B. spend C. pay D. take 39.A. until B. when C. while D. unless 40.A. what B. how C. when D. where ????? ???????ˊ?? ??ˊ??? 22 ?L? ?L?? 41?58 L??L 2 ??? 59?62 L??L 1 ??? 40 ?? ??? ???Ё?????????????L???? A?B?C?D ???-Ё??? ???????L????-??????????? A Monthly Talks at London Canal Museum Our monthly talks start at 19:30 on the first Thursday of each month except August. Admission is at normal charges and you don’t need to book. They end around 21:00. November 7th The Canal Pioneers, by Chris Lewis. James Brindley is recognized as one of the leading early canal engineers. He was also a major player in training others in the art of canal planning and
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building. Chris Lewis will explain how Brindley made such a positive contribution to the education of that group of early “civil engineers”. December 5th Ice for the Metropolis, by Malcolm Tucker. Well before the arrival of freezers, there was a demand for ice for food preservation and catering, Malcolm will explain the history of importing natural ice and the technology of building ice wells, and how London’s ice trade grew. February 6th An Update on the Cotsword Canals, by Liz Payne. The Stroudwater Canal is moving towards reopening. The Thames and Severn Canal will take a little longer. We will have a report on the present state of play. March 6th Eyots and Aits-Thames Islands, by Miranda Vickers. The Thames had many islands. Miranda has undertaken a review of all of them. She will tell us about those of greatest interest. Online bookings:www.canalmuseum.org.uk/book More into: www.canalmuseum.org.uk/whatson London Canal Museum 12-13 New Wharf Road, London NI 9RT www.canalmuseum.org.uk www.canalmuseum.mobi Tel:020-77130836 41. When do Monthly Talks at London Canal Museum usually last? A. about half an hour B. about an hour C. an hour and a half D. three hours 42. If you want to listen to the talks at London Canal Museum, which statement is true? A. You will spend more money. B. You should book one week in advance. C. You don’t need to book . D. You are free of charge. 43. When is the talk on James Brindley? A. February 6th B. March 6th C. November 7th D. December 5th 44. What is the topic of the talk in February? A. The Canal Pioneers B. Ice for the Metropolis C. Eyots and Aits-Thames Islands D. An Update on the Cotsword Canals 45. Who will give the talk on the islands in the Thames? A. Miranda Vickers B. Malcolm Tucker C. Chris Lewis D. Liz Payne 46. Who is recognized as one of the leading early canal engineers? A. Stroudwater B. James Brindley C. Miranda Vickers D. Chris Lewis B When I was nine years old, I loved to go fishing with my dad. But the only thing that wasn’t very fun about it was that he could catch many fish while I couldn’t catch anything. I usually got pretty upset and kept asking him why. He always answered, “Son, if you want to catch a fish, you have to think like a fish”, I remember being even more upset than before, “I’m not a fish!” I didn’t know how to think like a fish. Besides, I reasoned, how could what I think influence what a fish does? As I got a little older?I began to understand what my dad really meant. So, I read some books on fish. And I even joined the local fishing club and started attending the monthly meetings. I learned that a fish is a cold-blooded animal and therefore is very sensitive to water temperature. That
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is why fish prefer shallow water to deep water because the former is warmer. Besides, water is usually warmer in direct sunlight than in the shade. Yet, fish don’t have any eyelids (????) and the sun hurts their eyes? The more I understood fish, the more I became effective at finding and catching them. When I grew up and entered the business world, I remember hearing my first boss say, “We all need to think like salespeople.” But it didn’t completely make sense. My dad never once said, “If you want to catch a fish you need to think like a fisherman.” What he said was, “You need to think like a fish.” Years later, with great efforts to promote long-term services to people much older and richer than me, I gradually learned what we all need is to think more like customers. It is not an easy job. I will show you how in the following chapters. 47. Why was the author upset in fishing trips when he was nine? A. He could not catch a fish. B. His father was not patient with him. C. His father did not teach him fishing. D. He could not influence a fish as his father did. 48. What did the author’s father really mean? A. To read about fish. B. To learn fishing by oneself. C. To understand what fish think. D. To study fishing in many ways. 49. According to the author, fish are most likely to be found _________. A. in deep water on sunny days B. in deep water on cloudy days C. in shallow water under sunlight D. in shallow water under waterside trees 50. After entering the business world, the author found _________. A. it easy to think like a customer B. his father’s fishing advice inspiring C. his first boss’s sales ideas reasonable D. it difficult to sell services to poor people 51. This passage most likely comes from _________. A. a fishing guide B. a popular sales book C. a novel on childhood D. a millionaire’s biography C EP Portable Heater We all know that the cost of heating our homes will continue to be a significant burden on the family budget. Now millions of people are saving on their heating bills with the EP Portable Heater. With over one million satisfied customers around the world, the new EP heats better and faster, saves more on heating bills, and runs almost silent. The EP has no exposed heating parts that can cause a fire. The outside of EP only gets warm to the touch so that it will not burn children or pets. The EP will not reduce oxygen in the room. With other heaters, you’ll notice that you get sleepy when the heat comes on because they are burning up oxygen. The advanced EP also heats the room evenly, wall to wall and floor to ceiling. it comfortably covers an area up to 350 square feet. Other heaters heat rooms unevenly with most of the heat concentrated to the center of the room. And they only heat an area a few feet around the heater. With the EP, the temperature will not vary in any part of the room. The EP comes with a 3-year warranty (??) and a 60-day, no questions asked, satisfaction guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied, return it to our expertise and your money will be given back to you.

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Now, we have a special offer (??) for 10 days, during which you can enjoy a half price discount and a free delivery. If you order that, we reserve the right to either accept or reject order requests at the discounted price. Take action right now! 52. Which one is true about EP Portable Heater? A. The cost of it is very expensive. B. People don’t like it. C. It can save more on heating bills. D. It heats very slow so it’s cheap. 53. What is mainly discussed in paragraph 2? A. The heat of the EP B. The safety of the EP C. The appearance of the EP D. The material of the EP 54. From the passage, we can learn that the EP_______. A. doesn’t burn up oxygen B. runs without any noise C. makes people get sleepy D. is unsuitable for children and pets 55. The underlined word “evenly” in paragraph 4 probably means_______. A. continuously B. separately C. quickly D. equally 56. The main purpose of the passage is to______. A. persuade people to buy the product B. advise people to save on heating bills C. report the new development of portable heaters D. compare the difference of different heart brands ??? ???Ё?????????????ˊ? B ?? C ?Ё??????????? ?????????Ё???????????L?????? 57. As I got a little older?I began to understand what my dad really meant. 58. Now, we have a special offer for 10 days, during which you can enjoy a half price discount and a free delivery. ??? ???Ё?????????????????????????????Ё???????? ??????????????L??????????? If we agree that the function of education is to prepare us for life, then there is very little time to waste. So, while we can, we ought to concentrate on teaching children something really useful. Here is what our schools should teach. Politeness is a mark of civilization. The sooner children learn this, the better. In any case, a lot can be accomplished by a smile and polite behaviors. Like it or not, our adult lives will be consumed by the struggle for money, but we don’t make an effort to teach children how to manage it. So our schools have a duty to teach them this ability from the beginning. We’re likely to accept something we are told, but that’s not what educated people do. Educated people are reasonable and they look at facts. If our schools teach nothing else, they should at least teach critical (????) thinking. Children should learn to take care of their health. They should know that if they eat junk food, they will become fat and unhealthy. They should be very clear about what happens to their bodies when they drink or smoke.

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All of us are part of society. We have rights and responsibilities. We ought to understand what they are. We have to know a little bit of history and geography, because we need to have an environment in which to relate to the people around us. How will we test students on these? We can’t. But that’s not a reason to avoid teaching what is important. Our schools should spend every moment they have telling this to our children: “ This is life, this is what you are going to face, and this is how you deal with it.” Very Useful Education 59 should be a preparation for life. Important things should be taught in schools. ?How to behave 60 . ?The basic skill of managing money. Teaching Content ?How to 61 in a critical way. ?How to keep healthy. ?The rights and responsibilities one has in society. Conclusion Children should be taught what life is and 62 to deal with it. ???? ???? к???? к????20 ?? 63. ??????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????? ╓????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? 1.???д??????????????????????Ё??? 2.???????????? 3.?????????????? 4.?????▂?????????a positive attitude?? ??? (1)????? 80? (2)????????????????????? Dear Wangbin, I hear that you will graduate from college. I’d like to give you some advice on planning your future career. ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ I hope you can find your ideal job after graduation. Best wishes! Yours sincerely, Li Yang
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