Teaching Plan Unit3 What’s Your Favorite Food (PEP book 5)


Teaching Plan
Teaching contents:
Unit3 What’s Your Favorite Food? (PEP book 5)
Let’s start. Main scene Let’s chant. Let’s learn. Group work

Teaching aims:
1. To be able to listen, read, speak and write the four-skilled words: tomato, tofu, green beans, fish, potato, eggplant, can recognize three words: cabbage, mutton, pork and know how to use the phrases: What would you like for lunch? I’d like…… 2. To be able to complete group activities by using the word cards. 3. To learn to speak and sing the song and get to know the meaning.

Important and difficult points:
1. To use the sentences in the dialogue to the scenario, and can be appropriate to replace words in the sentence. 2. Key words and phrases: Key words: tomato,tofu,green beans,fish,potato,eggplant

Phrases: What would you like for lunch? I’d like…… 3. Difficult points: To distinguish the words: tomato and potato, pork and mutton. To know and read the difficult words: eggplant and cabbage.

Teaching procedures:
Step 1: Warm up
Look at the PPT and learn the song What Would You Like which is about food’s names. Dumplings, dumplings, noodles or rice Hamburgers, hot dogs would be nice. French fries, French fries, bread or pies Chicken or vegetables would be nice.

Listen to the song for twice. Then teach them how to speak the words and learn to sing the song. Find one or two students who can sing the song well to sing, which can bring some confidence to the students.

Step 2: Review
Ask the students especially the silent ones to think and say some words about food and the teacher write them onto the white board at the same time. Then ask some of the students What would you like for lunch?Lead them to say a sentence by using I’d like… Show the pictures when students say the words which are new words of this lessen, for example, pork, fish, tomato, potato to show the meaning and teach the students to spell them loudly.

Step 3: Presentation
1) Let’s learn Listen to the tape and learn the meaning of the new words about food. Show some beautiful pictures to the students and then lead them to learn the following words: Tomato (I’d like some tomatoes.) potato (I’d like some potatoes.) fish (I’d like some fish.) cabbage (I’d like some cabbage.) eggplant (I’d like some eggplant.) green beans (I’d like some green beans.) Mutton (I’d like some mutton.) pork (I’d like some pork.) tofu (I’d like some tofu.) Explain the meaning of those words .Tell them how to distinguish the words tomato and potato and the usage of the words all above, especially plural. Color the differences about the new words’ plural. Then ask the students to read the new words and sentences loudly. 2) Let’s start Show the pictures and play a role of the food then describe the food and let the students guess who you play. Look, here is some food. They are my friends. I am food, too. I’m yummy to eat. I’m red and round. I grow on the ground. My name begins with the letter as “tea”. What am I? Encourage the students to race to be the first to answer the questions and rewarding them by some lovely candy.

Step 4: Practice
1) Let’s chant

Listen to the tape. The students are required working in groups to order the food words according to the lyrics set. Teacher emphasizes the lyrics or the appropriate weak pronunciation and reading process. 2) Group work Please a student to play the role of guest and others of this group are the waiters. The waiters ask loudly “What would you like for lunch?” The guest answer “I’d like…” Other students are required to lift the corresponding card as fast as possible. The next guest shall be the one who is the lowest. 3) Spelling game Show the cards of the words tomato,tofu,green beans,fish,potato,eggplant, and let the students spell them in the right way. Show the pictures of the words above, and students to rob to spell the words for the unit in groups of four, spell them and team members can help.

1. Listen to the tape and read to parents or friends. Write the new words five times. 2. What would your father/mother/sister/brother like for lunch/breakfast/dinner? tofu father mother brother sister mutton pork eggplant fish tomato potato


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