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The employer’s point of view
The second interview is a chance for the employer to closely evaluate a candidate’s abilities and interpersonal skills. Your employer wants to see that you can do the job and work well with colleagues. Be aware that many employers bring in several candidates on the same day. Your challenge is to distinguish yourself from the other candidates. To show you’re a good fit with the company, focus on explaining how your abilities and experiences would enable you to do the job. On your first interview, you probably met with one or two people. This time, be prepared to meet several more over the course of the day, including potential managers, coworkers and other staff members. You may meet individually with several people, who will most likely ask you similar questions. Keep your answers consistent but mix up your delivery. If possible, before the interview acquire a list of the people you’ll be meeting with and do a little research on each one. Then ask questions that show your knowledge of each person. If you meet with a group, be sure to make eye contact with both the individual asking the question and the group as a whole.

D. try to know all about each interviewer

Dreaming is a natural part of who we are. We our dreams and develop personal dreams. even like to dream BIG! Our dreams become part of who we are. We then adopt our dreams into how we see ourselves and want our lives to be. That type of dreaming we often refer to as visualization (想象)? We know we’re not going to stop dreaming, but we can change how we visualize. For the most part our di and wishes focus on the explore We



你 的 梦 想 决 定一互


end result. We see ourselves in love, married, ing a great car, on vacation, with tons of money, in a great career, Dreaming about the end result is just fantastic and wishing. Wishing 】on some magical force to make our dreams turn into reality, and we be( unhappy as we’re not living our dreams. So how can we make our dreams come true? That is a question we al ten struggle with. Even though we struggle with the answer, the answc not that clear. We make our dreams come true with the action we take. In my opinion, if you dream about being in shape, then change y dream to see yourself working out and eating right day by day. See the ginning of the dream and let the dream build day by day with all the act that gets you to the end dream of you being in shape. If you want riches, then change the dream. Dream of yourself going school, developing a career, working hard and taking the steps to arrive the destination. If you want love, love the process. Love the dating proce and the rejections. Love yourself and the journey to find love. Make all your dreams include the beginning, middle and end. The when you are doing the action instead of thinking to yourself, “This is drag, I don’t like working out,” or if you are having any negative thought about doing the work it takes to create your visions (情景),realize then tha every step of the way you are living your dream. You are living your drean because you made the action and journey part of your dream. 63. According to the writer, most of the people ________________? A. are eager for the process of their dreams

Steps for follow up

It’s rare to receive an offer on the spot, but it does happen occasionally. If the feedback is consistently positive over the course of the day, you may get a job offer at the end of the interview. If that happens, don’t make a decision immediately. Ask for time to think about it. If you don’t get an offer, be sure to immediately send a brief thank-you note to every person you spoke with. Some companies make hiring decisions in a matter of days, but many can take weeks to make their final choice. Be patient, be flexible and be ready for an offer or an invitation for yet another interview. 50. Which of the following is NOT the purpose of the second interview according to the passage? A. To discuss the salary. B. To evaluate your interpersonal skills. C. To closely evaluate your abilities. D. To see whether you can do the job well. I. The best words for the blank should be “ ______________ ”? A. feedback C. Thank for the offer D. Get on well with your partners .When meeting with the interviewers, you should________________________________________ ? A. ask what their names are with good manners B. answer questions the same way before different people C. make eye contact with the interviewers Who you’ll meet B. Get the

B. always dream of making much more money C. pay more attention to developing their dreams D. are always ignoring the process of living their dreams 64. What must one usually do in order to live his dreams? A. One must struggle with dreams day and night. B. One must have great wishes and thoughts.

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