崇明中学 2013 届高二英语勤奋杯试卷
(本试卷满分 100 分,考试时间 90 分钟)

I. Listening Comprehension(22%)

Part A Short Conversations
1. A. Go to the library. B. Give the woman a ride. C. Meet his friend. D. Follow the woman’s directions. 2. A. 15 minutes. B. 45 minutes. C. An hour. D. In a restaurant. 3. A. In a hotel. B. In a restaurant. C. In a cafeteria. D. In a pizza hut. 4. A. Employer and employee. B. Husband and wife. C. Teacher and student. D. Patient and doctor. 5. A. She’s not interested in the walk. B. She’s too busy to take a walk. C. She does not want to do anything. D. She’ll go after she finishes her work. 6. A. She did the exam with ease. B. She hated taking exams. C. The exam was far beyond her. D. The exam was canceled. 7. A. She doesn’t spend much time with her friends. B. She doesn’t like her new school. C. She has adapted easily to her new school. D. She spends most of her free time at school. 8. A. He bought a lot of food for his brother. B. His brother helped him clean the fridge. C. He went out to eat with his brother. D. His brother ate up the food in the fridge. 9. A. He hasn’t had time to try it on yet. B. It doesn’t fit him very well. C. He dislikes the large shirt. D. He has forgotten to wear it. 10. A. The man can bring his cousin to the party. B. There will be too many people at the party. C. She feels sorry the man is not coming. D. She feels happier to have more parties. Section B Questions 11 through 13 are based on the following passage. 11. A. The boss increased the staff’s wages. B. The cash in the bakery was gone. C. A baker lost some pocket money. D. A vacant position was available. 12. A. She began to save her pocket money. B. She couldn’t get along well with other girls. C. She spent much money on entertainment. D. She started to be fond of videos and CDs. 13. A. Upset and guilty. B. Shocked and sad. C. Innocent and hopeful. D. Worried and disappointed. Questions 14 through 16 are based on the following news. 14. A. 50 million. B. 57 million. C. 120 million. D. 128 million.
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15. A. For financial aid. B. For accurate policy making. C. For economic growth. D. For knowing the level of education. 16. A. Helping the developing countries. B. Establishing a partnership with the WHO. C. Improving people’s health. D. Keeping correct records of births and deaths. II. Grammar and Vocabulary (28%) Section A 17. More attention should be paid _____ our education. A. to develop B. to developing C. for developing D. for development 18. — Now that you like the car so much, why not drive it back? — Well, I can’t afford _____ car. A. that big a B. a that big C. that a big D. a big that 19. Try to avoid such things _____ will do you harm, unless you don’t care about the rumors from all directions. A. that B. as C. which D. as that 20. American people are wondering whether the newly-elected president and his administration will keep the nation safe and defend it ________ any terrorist attack in the future. A. to B. on C. with D. against 21. —Can you come on Monday or Tuesday? —I’ m afraid _______day is possible. A. either B. neither C. some D. any 22. Everybody said it was an ideal marriage; no one had ever known _____ couple. A. the happier B. a happier C. a happiest D. the happiest 23. The hotel wasn’t particularly good, but I _____in many worse hotels. A. was staying B. stayed C. would stay D. had stayed 24. Smith quitted his job, which I suppose _______ something to do with the fall of the sales in the past few months. A. may have had B. couldn’t have had C. needn’t have had D. should have had 25. A former Japanese governor has come under fire for the comment ________by him that any disaster in Tokyo would be an opportunity for western Japan to boost its economy. A. having made B. made C. to be made D. being made 26. Skipping breakfast can also cause you to overeat. To make matters worse, ________ your body is in a slow state, it will not be able to burn the extra calories very efficiently. A. unless B. though C. since D. before 27. The number of pets abandoned by their owners _______ by 30% in the recent three months because of the declining economy, according to UK pet charity, Blue Cross. A. have risen B. has risen C. have been risen D. has been risen 28. Experts have found that the disease will lead to a greater increase in the number of sufferers unless ________ seriously when the symptom first appears. A. treated B. having treated C. be treated D. to be treated 29. _________ you’ve picked up, you must give it back to _______ it belongs to. A. Whatever, whomever B. What, no matter who C. No matter what, no matter who D. Whatever, no matter who 30. Such a problem as _____ has resulted in a hunger strike in Greek jails, during which the
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prisoners keep their mouths shut and refuse to eat. A. overcrowd B. overcrowding C. overcrowded

D. to be overcrowded

31. Only after he had spent several nights working on the maths problem ______ to wonder whether the problem was wrongly set. A. did he begin B. he began C. he did begin D. began he 32. Worries and stress brought about by an intense life ______ all kinds of illness, from high blood pressure to stomachache. A. believes to have caused B. is believed to be causing C. believe to cause D. are believed to cause 33. Sufficient supply of gas is the major concern to the European Union, ________ a number of member states are increasingly dependent on one single supplier. A. which B. where C. whose D. that 34. Much ______ he claims he has a good taste of his own, he can’t avoid being influenced by advertisement. A. that B. which C. as D. / 35. ______ the Internet is of great help, I don’t think it’s good idea to spend too much time on it. A. As long as B. While C. Now that D. As though Section B A. race B. created C. shaped AC. dragged AD. dramatic BC. collapse D. portion BD. delicious AB. primary CD. individual

Easter Island is a famous and very isolated island in the southeast Pacific Ocean. It is well-known for its giant stone statues, the moai, 36 sometime between the years 1000 and 1700 – likely towards the earlier 37 of that range. These statues number 887, and at one point there were about 10 islanders for every statue, for an island population of 10,000 or so. The first and only people ever to live on Easter Island were from an 38 group of Polynesians that, once finding Easter, then had no contact with any other 39 . Easter Island is often taken as a case study of civilization’s collapse. In the 17th-18th century there was a 40 decline in civilization. There were also numerous civil wars that would have been extremely bloody. Evidence indicates that chickens and rats became the 41 diet of the islanders. By the time the Europeans arrived in 1722, there were barely 1,000 inhabitants on island. Before the 42 of Easter Island’s civilization in the 17th century, there was a Golden Age, during which the two-ton moai statues were constructed. These statues had eyes painted white and were all pointed towards the sea. The islanders lacked metal tools, and 43 the statues using only stone tools. The statues were 44 to their present locations by large wooden frames. Given how few people there were on the island and how huge the statues are, it has long been a mystery whether Easter Islanders had any special assistance from extraterrestrials (外星人). III. Reading comprehension (50%)
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Section A Cloze test Is talking on a cell phone hazardous(有害的) to your health? It is difficult to know for sure. Some research suggests that 45 users of mobile phones are at a greater risk of developing brain tumours(肿瘤). 46 , many other studies suggest there are no links between cancer and cell phone use. The main problem with the current research is that mobile phones have only been 47 since the 1990s. 48 , it is impossible to study the long term exposure of cell phone use. This 49 many health professionals who point out that many cancers take at least 10 years to develop. Another concern about these studies is that many have been funded by those who 50 financially from the cell phone industry. Some researchers believe that other types of wireless technology may also be 51 to human health, including laptops and cordless(无线) phones. Organizations that are concerned about the effects of Electromagnetic Radiation suggest 52 all cordless devices with wired ones. They say that many cordless phones 53 dangerous levels of EMR even when they are not in use. They even suggest 54 electronic devices, such as computers and alarm clocks out of bedrooms, or at least six feet from your pillow. A growing number of health professionals worldwide are recommending that cell phone users err on the side of caution until more definitive studies can be conducted. They recommend that 55 use headsets or speaker phones and that children and teens, whose brain tissues are still developing, use cell phones only for 56 . Concerned medical experts use the example of tobacco to 57 the potential risks. Many years ago, people smoked freely and were not concerned about the effects of cigarettes on their health. Today, people know that cigarettes cause lung cancer, though it is still unknown 58 how or why. Some doctors 59 that the same thing will happen with devices such as cell phones. 45. A. potential B. registered C. heavy D. ignorant 46. A. Moreover B. However C. Therefore D. Otherwise 47. A. popular B. personal C. vacant D. scarce 48. A. In addition B. On the other hand C. On the contrary D. As a result 49. A. concerns B. encloses C. engages D. puzzles 50. A. suffer B. drift C. emerge D. benefit 51. A. delicate B. dangerous C. resistant D. primary 52. A. inserting B. stimulating C. replacing D. substituting 53. A. give off B. wipe out C. give away D. clear away 54. A. dividing B. keeping C. stretching D. imposing 55. A. infants B. adults C. candidates D. manufacturers 56. A. convenience B. emphasis C. communication D. emergencies 57. A. illustrate B. estimate C. overtake D. identify 58. A. initially B. extensively C. exactly D. thoroughly 59. A. deny B. fear C. doubt D. conceal Section B Passages

(A) It was time for Mr. Rocco to shut up shop when I hurried into the florist’s. ―Now, what is it you want?‖ Mr. Rocco turned to me. ―I want the most beautiful flower you have.‖ I replied. ―And
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just how much do you have to pay for his most beautiful flower? ‖ I held out a wet hand showing a quarter and dime. He nodded, and then showed me a plant on the counter. ―I can give you this one for 35 cents.‖ he said. ―Aw, gee,‖ I protested, ―it looks like a weed(草)!‖ About 18 inches high, the plant was in a small pot covered with faded red paper. ―Now trust me, boy—I promise that tomorrow morning when you get up, you will find your most beautiful flower.‖ said Mr. Rocco. I knew him to be a good honest man, so I agreed to take it. It was almost midnight when I arrived home. Mom was seriously sick and using the front bedroom. I looked in to see if she was asleep, and then quietly tiptoed in and set the plant on the table beside her bed. I wanted her to be surprised when she woke on Mother ’s Day. The next morning, I dressed and hurried downstairs. The sun was shining through kitchen window as I looked into Mom’s room. She motioned for me to come in, then glanced over at the table where the plant was. Holy mackerel! There were three big yellow trumpet-shaped(喇叭状 的)blooms. It was just like Mr. Rocco said—the most beautiful flower I ever saw! When I looked at Mom, she was smiling as tears streamed down her cheeks. She held out her hand for me to come near, then pulled me close and hugged till it hurt. Then, remembering her contagious condition and that she wasn’t supposed to touch me, she quickly let me go. My dear mom died the next night. The moment she hugged me turned out to be the most wonderful moment of my life. Not only had that beautiful plant helped show just how much I loved her, but I’d always know how much she loved me. 60. The author didn’t like the plant recommended by Mr. Rocco at first because ______. A. the packing of the plant was shabby B. the plant was more a weed than a flower C. the plant appeared too ordinary to be the most beautiful D. he thought Mr. Rocco was reluctant to do the deal with him 61. Mother’s condition was contagious (Line 6, Para.3) for ______. A. she was at the death’s door B. she suffered from the illness C. others were sick of her appearance D. virus might spread from her to others 62. When mother hugged the author tightly, she was showing that ______. A. she liked being given gifts B. she valued what the author had done for her C. she was aware of the approaching of death D. she was touched by the beauty of the flower (B) While their jobs may not be providing them with great excitement, respondents of the Win2000 Salary Survey are saying that they are pretty pleased with their current positions. In fact almost three-quarters of them report a modest to more than average sense of job satisfaction and a little more than ten percent say they are ―very satisfied‖ with their work. So why then does an overwhelming majority of this contented group also report that they are considering changing jobs? The easy and most popular theory says that it's all about the money. IT professionals with highly-prized skills in a very tight job market play salary-stick-em-up by raising their salary demands with each job hop. But this theory calls for a closer look. According to a recent Gartner Group IT market study, enterprises that are experiencing high rates of turnover on average
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actually offer higher salaries. The Gartner study cites "lack of career development opportunities" as the single most reported reason employees leave companies. Mark Pecoraro, president and CEO of SuccessFactors.com, a workforce management firm, tends to agree: "One of the things we see is the strong desire of these professionals to keep on the cutting edge. These employees are taking control of building their knowledge toolsets and essentially writing their own career tickets." ―INDUS Corporation, a Washington, D.C.-based IT firm, is a wonderful place to work,‖ says SearchWin2000 salary survey respondent James Voorhees. Voorhees got his start in IT as an INDUS technical writer. Now, he works as a network administrator, crediting his employer for creating a work environment that let him develop the skills he needed in order to change careers. "An important part of the company culture is an emphasis on employee satisfaction," Voorhees says, pointing to "the company's willingness to let employees try new things ... which has given me several great opportunities to learn and gain experience in networking and software engineering." But INDUS' success relies on a steady series of contract work. Voorhees believes that his status as an IT newbie(新手) makes him at risk if these contracts should dry up. As a result he has adopted a mindset that is ready to seize an outside opportunity if it should present itself. 63. According to the Win2000 Salary survey, most of the respondents ______. A. are considering switching their jobs B. are disappointed at their incomes C. are most satisfied with their work D. are modest about themselves 64. The expression “keep on the cutting edge” can be understood as ―_______‖. A. maintain good relations with other employees B. avoid suffering resulting from lack of money C. stay in the leading position in the field D. seek harmony between body and spirit 65. What can be learnt about James Voorhees from the passage? A. He works as a technical writer in INDUS Corporation. B. He is looking forward to an opportunity to change his career. C. He speaks highly of his employer for letting him learn new things. D. He is not pleased with the working environment of his company. 66. The author wrote this passage mainly to inform us that _______. A. job hopping does not always lead to better salary B. career development is the key to job satisfaction C. well-trained professionals are most needed in the future D. new technology will bring about better opportunities (C ) Much of the American anxiety about old age is a purposeful distance from the reality of death. One of the striking qualities of the American character is the unwillingness to face either the fact or meaning of death. On the contrary, in the novels of many famous American writers-from Hawthorne to Faulkner and Hemingway-one finds a tragic depth that is under the surface thinness of the ordinary American death attitudes. By an effort of the artistic imagination, the great writers faced death topic which the general public are reluctant to face-the fact of death,
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its mystery, and its place in life. Scenes about death, such as the conflicts death brings in Greek times and the religious celebration of death in the rich farming cultures of some parts of Europe, are vividly described and discussed in their novels, although these scenes are difficult to find in the real American life. Out of fear of the emotional sufferings, the American ordinary people avoid topics about death. They surround death with word avoidance. Americans never ―die.‖ They ―pass away.‖ A ―funeral hall‖ is decorated to look like a bank. Everything in a funeral ceremony is done in low tones, as if it were something secret, to be hidden from the world. There is so much emphasis on being dignified that the ceremony often loses its quality of dignity. In some parts of the world, there’s difficulty in understanding the causes of death. It’s difficult to explain death in these cultures. Living in a modern society, Americans have a ready enough explanation of how death comes, yet they show little ability to accept the fact of death itself and the emotional pain it brings. ―To my disappointment, we, American people, sing over birth and dance at weddings,‖ says Margaret Mead, a famous American anthropologist(人类学 家) ,―but more and more push the death off the scene without ceremony, without an opportunity for young and old to know that death is as much a fact of life as is birth.‖ 67. The passage is mainly about ______. A. the emotional sufferings from death B. different cultures’ attitudes toward death C. Americans’ attitudes toward death D. methods to avoid death 68. In the novels of many famous writers, one will find ______. A. ordinary American death attitudes B. a willingness to accept death as a fact of life C. the relationship between lovers D. the reason for ordinary Americans’ beliefs about death 69. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the passage? A. Unwillingness to face death is a quality of the American character. B. Ordinary Americans avoid saying the word ―die‖ directly. C. Americans are afraid of the death topics because of the possible emotional pains it causes. D. Most Americans can’t explain the causes of death scientifically. 70. Margaret Mead suggests that ______. A. we should not be joyful at a birth B. we should avoid funeral as it is connected with death C. a wedding should be quiet and peaceful. D. death should be accepted in the same spirit as marriage and birth (D) A Southampton University team found that people who were vegetarian by 30 had recorded five IQ points more on average at the age of 10. Researchers said it could explain why people with a higher IQ were healthier as a vegetarian diet was linked to lower heart disease and obesity(肥 胖) rates. The study of 8,179 was reported in the British Medical Journal. Twenty years after the IQ tests were carried out in 1970, 366 of the participants said they were vegetarian — although more than 100 reported eating either fish or chicken. Men who were vegetarian had an IQ score of 106, compared with 101 for non-vegetarians;
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while female vegetarians averaged 104, compared with 99 for non-vegetarians. There was no difference in the IQ score between strict vegetarians and those who said they were vegetarian but reported eating fish or chicken. Researchers said the findings were partly related to better education and higher class, but it remained statistically(统计地)significant after adjusting for these factors. Vegetarians were more likely to be female, to be of higher social class and to have higher academic or professional qualifications than non-vegetarians. However, these differences were not reflected in their annual income, which was similar to that of non-vegetarians. Lead researcher Catharine Gale said, ―The findings that children with greater intelligence are more likely to report being vegetarians than adults, together with the evidence on the potential benefits of a vegetarian diet on heart health, may help to explain why a higher IQ in childhood or adolescence is linked with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease (冠心病) in adult life.‖ But Dr Frankie Phillips, of the British Djetetic Association, said: ―It is like the chicken and the egg. Do people become vegetarian because they have a very high IQ or is it just that they are clever enough to be more aware of health issues?‖ 71. It was found in the research that _____. A. most of the participants became vegetarians 20 years after the IQ tests were carried out B. vegetarians who ate fish or chicken were of similar intelligence with strict vegetarians C. female vegetarians were more likely to have good jobs than male vegetarians D. vegetarians were more likely to have a high annual income than male vegetarians 72. Catharine Gale talked about ―being vegetarians‖ in a(n) _____ way. A. doubtful B. favorable C. negative D. objective 73. What does the underlined sentence in the last paragraph mean? A. Intelligence is linked to not just being a vegetarian but to many factors. B. The rate of getting heart disease is linked to your lifestyle preferences. C. The link between a high IQ and being a vegetarian is still uncertain. D. The link between a healthy heart and diet remains to be proved. 74. What’s the best title for the text? A. Get more IQ points! B. Be a vegetarian, please! C. Vegetarian diet cuts heart risk. D. A high IQ is linked to being a vegetarian. Section C Directions: Read the following text and choose the most suitable heading from the list A-F for each paragraph. There is one extra heading which you do not need.(本题请涂在答题卡上) (E)

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A. The reasons for the problematic food situation in Britain. B. The effect of the situation on farmers. C. The variety of British food. D. The surface richness of food and questions it brings. AB. The different situations at home and abroad. AC. The recent reason for the huge supply of food.

75. The long years of food shortage in Britain have suddenly given way to huge food supply. Stores and shops are crowded with food. Rationing(定量供应) has already seemed too distant to today’s Britons. Even overseas suppliers have been asked to hold back deliveries. Yet, instead of joy, there is widespread uneasiness and worries. Why do food prices keep on rising, when there seems to be so much more food about? Is the surface huge amount of food only temporary, or has it come to stay? Does it mean that we need to think less now about producing more food at home? 76. The recent growth of food supply on the world food market has certainly been unexpectedly great, partly because two continuous big grain harvests in North America are now being followed by a third. Most of Britain’s overseas suppliers of meat, too, are offering more this year and home production has also risen. 77. Then why is the food situation in Britain still faulty? On the one hand, The British government has gradually cut down support for food. On the other hand, the shops are overstocked with food not only because there is more food available, but also because people, frightened by high prices, are buying less of it. 78. Moreover, the rise in food prices at home has come at a time when world prices have begun to fall, with the result that imported food, with the exception of grain, is often cheaper than the home-produced variety. And now grain prices, too, are falling internationally. British consumers are beginning to ask why they should not be able to benefit from this trend. 79. The significance of these developments is not lost on farmers. The older generation have seen it all happen before. Despite the present price and market guarantees, farmers fear they are about to be squeezed between cheap food imports and a smaller home market. Present production is running quickly compared with years ago. However, farmers haven’t shared any benefit from the change.

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Key: 1-10 CCADB CCDBA 11-16 BCA ABD 17-20 BABD 21-25. BBDAB 36.B 37. D 38. CD 39. A 45-49 CBADA 50-54 DBCAB 60-62 CDB 63-66 ACCB 67-70 C B D D 71-74 BDCD 75. D 76. AC 77. A 26-30. CBAAB 40. AD 41. AB 55-59 BDACB 31-35. ADBCB 42. BC 43. C

44. AC

78. AB

79. B

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