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1. You can, _____ the sky is clear, see as far as the old temple on top of the mountain, but not today. A. whe

n B. where C. though D. because 【答案】A。本题考查时间状语的应用。根据句子意思和结构可以判断___ the sky is clear,为 插入的成分,主干是 you can see… 而且后面还有 but not today, 显然前面是说今天以外的某 一天, 所以是时间状语, 选择 when。 其他的三项, where 表示地点, though 表示让步, because 表示原因。天气晴朗的时候,你能最远看到山顶上的古老寺庙,但是今天不行。 2. I recognized John ___ he entered the room. A. hardly B. the minute C. no sooner D. at once 【答案】B 句意:约翰一踏入房间我就认出他。the minute 和 the monent 一样,可以引导 时间状语从句,表示“一 就”,如:she woke up the moment /the minute the thief slipped in . 小偷刚刚偷偷摸摸的进来,她就醒了。虽然也有“立刻”的意思,但都只相当于副词,不能连 接两个句子。比如要用项的话,应该用以下形式: 项次傲视“几乎不”,是副词,而且在句 意上说不通 3. No sooner had she entered the house ___the telephone rang. A. when B. than C. as D. while 【答案】B no sooner…than,hardly…when:固定搭配:一……就……。本句的意思是:“她 刚进门,电话就响了。” 4. She has wanted to become a nurse ______ since she was a young girl. A. long B. often C. always D. ever 【答案】D 她想成为一名护士,自从她还是个小女孩开始。 5. _____ I catch a cold, I have pain in my back. A. Every time B. Though C. Even D. Where 【答案】A 每次感冒,我都背痛。 6. She was _____ tired _____ she could not move an inch. A. so, that B. such, that C. very, that D. so, as 【答案】A 她累得一点都动不了。 7.___ absurd was his manner that everyone stared at him. A. Too B. So C. Very D. Much 【答案】B 他的举止如此荒唐,以致于每个人都盯着她看。 8. They are ___ students that they all performed well in the nationwide examinations. A. so diligent B. such diligent C. so much diligent D. such very diligent 【答案】B。so+ 形容词(副词)+that…, such+名词+that….两者都表示结果,如此…以至…。 9. The child was __ immediately after supper. A. enough tired to go to bed B. too tired to go to bed C. so tired that he went to bed D. very tired, he went to bed 【答案】C 孩子们太累了以致于饭后立刻就睡了。

全球价格最低,师资最强,课时最长,错过就是过错!? www.31xuewei.com

全球价格最低,师资最强,课时最长,错过就是过错!? www.31xuewei.com

10. It was _______ that they planned to have a picnic. A. such fine weather B. so fine a weather C. such a fine weather as D. such a fine weather 【答案】A 天气很好以致于他们计划去野餐。 11. The doctor will not perform the operation ____ it is absolutely necessary. A. so B. if C. for D. unless 【答案】D。本题考查的是连词辨析。Unless 是除非的意思,符合题目,即医生不会实施手 术,除非有绝对的必要 12. _____ you’re early you can’t be sure of getting a seat. A. If B. Unless C. When D. Because 【答案】B 此题考查的是连词辨析。根据题意,应是:除非你早到,你无法确定一定有座。 Unless”除非”. 13. The man said he would hit me ___ I told him where the money was. A. until B. unless C. soon after D. as 【答案】.B 句意为“那个男人说除非我告诉他钱在哪里,否则他会袭击我。”unless“除非”。 14. ___ I’m mistaken, I’ve seen that man before. (QE01-40) A. Unless B. If C. Because D. Provided 【答案】 :A。unless:若不,除非。You will fail unless you work harder.你若不更加努力就会 失败。I won’t phone you, unless something unforeseen happens.我不打电话给你,除非发生意 外。本句话的意思是“如果我没有弄错的话,我以前见过他。”因此 A 最符合题意。provided 及 providing “只要, 以…为条件”后接 that 从句中的 that 可以省略, 一般都可以由 if 来代替。 We shall go provided (that) the weather is fine .要是天晴,我们就去。Provided (that) no objection is raised, we shall hold the meeting here.如果没有人反对的话,我们就在这开会。 because:因为 15. We’ll be only too glad to attend your party ___ we can get a baby-sitter. A. so far as B. provided that C. unless D. except that 【答案】B 本句考查连词的用法。provided that:假如,以……为条件,相当于 if,例如: I will lend you my book provided that you keep it clean.只要你保证书的干净整洁,我就把书 借给你。本句的意思是:“如果我们能找到保姆的话,我们将非常乐意参加您的宴会。”因此 B 最符合题意。unless:除非,如果不……。except that:除了……Your article is quite good except that there are several spelling mistakes. 你的文章很好, 除了几个拼写错误。 so(as)far as: (表示程度,范围)就……,尽……至于……,as far as I know 就我所知。 16._____ we stood at the top of the building, the people below were hardly visible. A. As B. Although C. Unless D. In spite of 【答案】A 当我们站在楼顶的时候,在下面的人群很难进入我的视线。 17.I didn’t go abroad with her _____I couldn’t afford it. A. because B. although C. unless D. in spite of 【答案】A 我不想和她出国,因为我负担不起。 18. The metal ________was first used was copper ______ it was easily obtained in its pure(纯 的)state. A. what…because… B. that…where… C. which…as… D. that…when… 【答案】C 最开始被使用的是铜,因为它很容易得到纯的状态。

全球价格最低,师资最强,课时最长,错过就是过错!? www.31xuewei.com

全球价格最低,师资最强,课时最长,错过就是过错!? www.31xuewei.com

19. A solid is different from a liquid ___ the solid has its definite shape. A. in that B. in which C. in what D. because of which 【答案】A 本题考查的是 in that 引导原因状语从句的用法。In that 由于,因为。固体是不同 于液体的,因为固体是有确定的形状。 20. We'd better hurry ______ it is getting dark. A. and B. but C. as D. unless 【答案】C 因为天快黑了,我们最好快一点。 21. Speak to him slowly _____ he may understand you better. A. since B. so that C. for D. because 【答案】B 慢慢对她说,以便于他能够更好的理解。 22. I wrote it down ___ I should forget it. A. in case B. in case of C. in order that D. for fear of 【答案】A。in case:(连词)免得,以防万一。本句的意思是:“我写了下来,免得忘了”。 又如:Keep the window closed in case it rains.把窗子关好,以防下雨。in case of (介词短语): 假使、如果发生。In case of fire, ring the alarm bell.如遇火警,即按铃。In order that (连词, 引导目的状语从句)为了…In order that he should not be late , his mother woke him at 6. 为了 不使他迟到,母亲在6点种叫醒他。for fear of:(介词)生怕、以免。She left an hour early for fear of missing her train. 她提早一小时离开以免误了火车。 23. Helen listened carefully _____ she might discover exactly what she needed. A. in that B. in order that C. in case D. even though 【答案】B 海伦认真地听,为了能够精确地发现他所需要的东西。 24. Read it aloud _____ the class can hear you. A. so that B. if C. when D. although 【答案】A 大声读以便于整个课堂都能听到你的声音。 25. Take an umbrella with you ____ it should rain. A. in no case B. in the case C. in case of D. in case 【答案】D 拿着伞以防下雨。 26. Though he is very intelligent, he is ___ rather modest. A. hence B. otherwise C. nevertheless D. therefore 【答案】 nevertheless: C 仍然, 不过; hence: 因此, 从此; otherwise: 另外, 否则; therefore: 因此。句意:尽管他很聪明,但仍然很谦虚。判断 C 项正确。 27. Do what you think is right ___ they say. A. however B. whatever C. whichever D. if only 【答案】B whatever 引导一个状语从句,意为“无论他们说什么”,whatever 在从句中作 say 的宾语, whatever they say=no matter what they say.全句的意思是“做你认为正确的事, 无论他 们说什么(都没有关系)。 28. I'll talk to him, I don't think it will do any good. A. although B. which C. if D. unless 【答案】A 认为谈话没有作用而依然打算谈话,前后具有转折关系,因此选 A“虽然 ” 29. We can hardly avoid making any mistakes in our work______ hard we try.

全球价格最低,师资最强,课时最长,错过就是过错!? www.31xuewei.com

全球价格最低,师资最强,课时最长,错过就是过错!? www.31xuewei.com

A. whatever B how C no matter D however 【答案】D 根据句意,应该选择“无论怎样”,故选择D.however = no matter how. 句意是“早工作中无论我们

30. ___, you must show your ticket to go into the cinema. A. No matter whoever you are B. Whomever you are C. Whoever you are D. No matter who are you 【答案】C whoever you are =no matter who you are “不管你是谁”,作状语. 句意是“不管你是 谁,都必须出示你的票才能电影院.” 31.___ we need air and water, so we need criticism and self-criticism. A. Even though B. So long C. Just as D. Now that 【答案】C 本题考查的是方式状语从句。Just as…正如……一样;Even though 即使;So long as 只要;Now that 既然。我们需要批评和自我批评,如同需要空气和水一样。 32. He always talks _______ he had been to outer space. A. like B. as if /though C. because of D. as 【答案】B 他说这话好像他去过外太空似的。 33. The thief walked away with the money _______ no one had noticed him. A. unless B. as if C. even though D. as long as 【答案】B 小偷拿着钱跑了好像没人注意到它似的。 34 The Spring Festival is important in China, just ______ Christmas is in the West. A. as B. because C. since D. for 【答案】A 春节在中国很重要,正如西方的圣诞节那样。 35. More people will eat out in restaurants _____ they do today. A. than B. when C. while D. as 【答案】D 正如现今人们做的那样,大多数人在餐馆里吃饭。 36. After the new technique was introduced, the factory produced _____ cars in 2002 as the year before. A. as many twice B. as twice many C. twice many as D. twice as many 【答案】 考察倍数的表达方式。 times +as many D。 “… (或 much ) +名词+ as …” 表示“… 是…的多少倍”。 37. This new coat cost me ____ the last one I bought two years ago. A. three times B. three times as much as C. three times as much D. three times much as 【答案】B 和某物一样多,as much as,如说是多少的几倍,则是 X times as much as。因此选 B。 38. It is generally believed that teaching is_____ it is a science. A an art much as B. much an art as C. as an art much as D. as much an art as 【答案】D 人们相信,教学和艺术一样是一种科学。 39. The history of nursing __ the history of man. A. as old as B. is old than C. that is as old as 【答案】D 护理的历史和人类历史一样悠久。

D. is as old as

全球价格最低,师资最强,课时最长,错过就是过错!? www.31xuewei.com

全球价格最低,师资最强,课时最长,错过就是过错!? www.31xuewei.com

40. My new glasses cost me ____ the last pair that I bought. A. three times B. three times as much as C. three times as much D. three times much as 【答案】答案B 本题考察倍数表达法.它的结构是“A is 倍数 + the size of B, A is 倍数 as + 原级 as B, A is 倍数+ adj.比较级 + than B”故我们选择第2个结构.而C项 three times as much as 表示三倍的价值。 A,C,D结构不对,故正确答案选B. 句意是“我的新眼镜花费了上 一幅三倍的价钱”

全球价格最低,师资最强,课时最长,错过就是过错!? www.31xuewei.com


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