必修三unit 3知识清单


Unit 3 一、重点词汇解读: 1. flood

2. bury

3. occur

4. pick up

5. put down

6. take off

7. hit

Unit 3, Book 3 1

8. end up with sth. end up in end up doing sth.

9. warn

10. set fire to set ... on fire be on fire catch fire put out the fire

11. manage to do sth.

12. incident/accident/event

13. cover vt.

14. in all all in all above all 15. damage/destroy

二、重点句型解读: 1. They can destroy houses, but leave the furniture inside exactly where it was.

Unit 3, Book 3 2

2. ① There are 800 tornadoes in the US each year, ________ about 80 deaths and 1,500 injuries.(cause) ② Ash and lava poured down the mountain, _____________ hundreds of houses. (set fire to) ③ The fires burned for three das, ________ a total of 25,000 buildings. ④ The worst tornado of all time occurred in 1925, ________ three US states. A. affected B. affecting C. having affected D. to affect ⑤ He hurried to the classroom yesterday, only _________ there was nobody there. A. found B. finding C. to find D. to have found 总结:

3. By the time it ended, more than 700 people ___________ (kill) and 2,700 __________ (injure).

4. Coghlan travelled back to Canada after he had been buried in Texas. =__________________________ before _________________________. ① I ___________ in Beijing for three years and now I live in Chengdu. A. had stayed B. stayed C. has stayed D. was staying ② I ___________ in Beijing for three years before I moved to Chengdu. A. had stayed B. stayed C. has stayed D. was staying

Unit 3, Book 3 3



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