i saw what you were doing through the window!i saw what you are doing to my sister,get out here!

listen,we had a good run.tha't more than most people have in a lifetime.bye!i am going on the lam.

come on ,i can handle rose.

what the hell are you doing?

ross knows about me and mon.

i thought you were my best friend.this is my sister.

we're not just messing around(with) .i love her.i am in love with her.

i am so sorry that you had to find out this way.

you guys want to probably get some hugs in too.big news.

we have known for a while.we were worried about you.we didn't know how you were going to react.

let's clear out of here and let these lovebirds get back to business.

you know what i just realized?if you guys have kids

i call godfather.

you can't just call godfather.

if you cared enough to call it first.

you are a few steps ahead of us.

big zero gravity moon steps.

i just thought of a great wedding gift.

i will go in on that with you.i coudn't decide.

i will run to the bathroom.

you could fit her in your pocket.

she could fit in that little packet inside the pocket.

i like her a lot ,and she is really nice,but..she keeps punching me ...

in that cute,little,sweet way she just did?

hey,it is a lot harder than it looks.

joey is having a problem.a little girl is beating him up.

this must be really difficult for you,and..am i hurting you?

i brought you some housewarming gifts.salt,so your life always has flavor.bread, so you never go hungry.and a scented candle for the bathroom.

welcome to the building,i am ste,president of the tenants' committee.

i am to talk to you about howard.he is the handyman who is restiring next week.everyone who lives here is kicking in 100 yuan as a kind of a thank you.
you don't have to give it to me right now.you can slip it under my door.

i just moved in.

well,the guy has worked here for 25 years.

but i have lived here for 25 minntes.

so then steve told everyone i was a cheapskate and now the whole building hates me. a little kid spit on my knee.and told me to wipe it off with my 100 bill.

i will throw a party.for everyone in the buiding.
and i am gonna sit them all down and explain that i am not a bad guy.i am not a cheap guy.i am just a guy who stands up for what he belives in.a man with principles.

sounds like a fun party.

if you want them to like you ,why don't you just pay the 100 yuan?partys will cost you more than that.

that doesn't matter.it is my principles!we are talking about my principles.

i just thought it was about your neighbors liking you.

they will like me once they come to my awesome party.

i gotta get some nametags.

and that crazy party animal will be your brother-in-law.

don't put any ideas ih her head .

you do realize that those ideas are probably already in her head.

what is that supposed to mean?

don't freak out .i am just telling you something you already know.she lefe richrad because he didin't want to have babies.and she is almost 30.

i don't see it that way.i see two mons.the one is my firend who lives across the hall and wants a lot of babies.and the new mon who i started to date.who is to say what she wants?i am completely different from richard.he is an eye doctor,and i don't wear glasses.

you are absolutely right.that makes everything different.not unless different means "the same".

you were so funny with that waiter.you are such a nut!

you know,bread-stick fangs are always funny.

no,you make them funny.you are the funny one.

but sometimes when you playfully punch me like that it feels like i am being hit with a very tiny but a very real bat.

like i could hurt you.are you making fun of my size?don't make fun of me because of my size.

couldn't you just stay like this forever?casual.just hanging out.having fun with the girl that i am seeing casually.

get all freaked out because everybody was joking about marriage?

you do want all that stuff right?you have a baby fever!you are obsessed with babies and marriage and everything that's related to babies an marriage.why don't we turn the heat down on this pressure cooker!

have you lost your mind?this isn't about me.this is about you and your weird relationship commitment crap!

i know you .i know the thoughts that you have in your head.

did you know that i am going out with rachel tonight instead of you?and that the only baby here is you?did you know i can't even look at you right now?

it will be okay,right?she won't leave me.this is fixable.

unless you make some big gesture.

the missus.

can i get a coofee to go?

just tell me how to make things right.i mess up,you tell me how to fix it and i do.and then you think i am cute again.

i am really tired of being your relationship tutor.figure this out for yourself.if you are afraid of a real relationship then don't be in one.

i thought this was your party,and it's party for howard.he is the sweetest little man.

see you.and thankx for chipping in.

i thought you agreed it was unreasonable that they asked me for that money.

i am just the exotic,generous stranger.that'a always fun to be.

but you are making me look bad.

no,if anything.i am making you look better.
i am a hit.

maybe you two could switch apartments.because she is more our kind of people.ok ,my bad.

you look big.i have been working out.

listen,is it obvious i am wearing six sweaters?

yeah,but it is not obvious why.

i am breaking up with katie,so i put on some extra padding.if she hits me when she is happy,can you imagine how hard she will hit me when i take away the joey love?

i forgot that you call it that.

did joey tell you to say that?you guys are too much.

i getta tell you i think you are the one that is too much.

joey has the nicest frinds.

she just kicked me.arn't you going to do something?
do something or i will walk out that door right now.

this is a disaster.can't i please just go?

no no ,i am talking you up to people.give it some time,relax.get something to eat.

what did you tell them about me?i told them about you and emily .trying to get some sympathy.

but somehow you came off as the bad guy.we should talk about that because i don't understand what happened there.

okay,see,tihings are looking up.

oh my god.someone cut his cake.who would do a thing like that?

you got your free food.you ruined everyone's fun.isn't it time you went home?

who here likes ross?he raised his own hand when i asked,wo likes ross.and heis wearing two nametags.
i will be honest.when i first met ross,i didn't like him at all.but once i got to know him ,i saw that he is really sweet and caring and very gnerous.all i am saying is ,don't judge ross before you get to know him.you know,i like all of you guys now.but when i first met you ,you know?i thought,abrasive drunk.gold digger,cradle-robbing perv.

obviously,i didn't think they would throw things.i thought if i kept insulting them you'd defend them.then you'd look like the hero.

see,i did not get that.

i need to talk to her,it is urgent.i have beening thinking about us.a lot of "us" thinking.well i guess there's only one way to do this.

what a bad idea. i can not look at it.

why are you doing this?

but i know i am not afraid to do this.

do you think the best reason to get married is because you are sorry?

the best reason is get pregnancy.sorry is fourth,behind being ready and actually wanting to get married.

i want you to take a minute and think about how ridiculous this sounds.

i am kind of wishing everyone wasn't here now.

none of that came from me.

i never said i wanted to have babies and get married.

i was really confused.then i talked to these guys.

but still,cheap shot.

you know when i said i want you to deal with relationship stuff all on your own?

what would you have done if i had said yes?

i would've been happy because i would spend the rest of my life with the woman i love.or you would have seen a chandler-shaped hole in that door.

you don't have to be mean about it.

i was going to ask you to marry me because i didn't say hello to you last week.

or ask them to move in with you.but i am not sure.

how long is this going to go on?

i think the length of teasing is directly related to how insane you were.so a long time.



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