建三江一中导学案(高一二) 授课教师 备课时间 5 课 题 现在完成时 2012-10-1 主备人、 校对人 授课时间

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1-4-3 审核人 年级、科目 王丹 高一英语

【 学习目标 】 1. 知识与能力:培养学生的语法能力 2. 过程与方法: 导与练的结合 【学习重难点】 现在完成时 Mo

dule Four 一. 现在完成时的构成 ① In the past few years , great changes have taken place in my hometown. This / That / It is the first time that he has come late. ② I haven’t seen the film yet. He hasn’t finished the book so far. ③ Have you been to the chemist’s this morning ? Has she gone to the city? ④ He has been sent to hospital . They have already been given a suggestion how to do it. ⑤ It has been raining recently. Up to now, we have been working for eight hours. 重点归纳 现在完成时的形式 _____________________________________ Grammar

现在完成时的否定式 _____________________________________ 现在完成时的疑问式 _____________________________________ 现在完成时的被动式 _____________________________________ 现在完成时的进行式 _____________________________________ 二. 现在完成时的用法 语法体验 1. ① Have you already seen the film “ Titanic” ? ② Recently our classrooms have made a survey about pollution.

③ Sorry , Miss Li , I haven’t finished my book report yet. 2. ① Have you been to the chemist’s this morning ? ② They have been teaching in the past few years. ③ They have been married to each other for 30 years. 3. ① I will not believe you unless I have seen it with my own eyes. ② I will go with you as soon as I have finished my work. ③ Don’t get off the bus until it has stopped. 4. ① He served in the army from 1952 to 1954. He has served in the army for 5 years. ② He wrote many plays when he was at college. He has written many plays. ③ I saw Hero last year. I have seen Hero before. 5. 判断正误 ( ) 1. He has come to Beijing since last year. ( ) 2. He has lived in Beijing since last year. ( ) 3. He has joined the army for 3 years. ( ) 4. He has served in the army for 3 years. ( ) 5. He joined the army 3 years ago. ( ) 6. He has been a soldier for 3 years. ( ) 7. It has been 3 years since he joined the army. ( ) 8. He has joined the army. ( ) 9. He has died for 3 years. ( ) 10.He has married for 3 years. 重点归纳 1. 现在完成时表示动作发生在 _______ , 对________ 造成了 _______ 或 ________ 2. 一个动作开始于过去, 持续到现在并包括现在在内的一段时间 如 ; lately , recently , in the last / past few days / years ,since then , up to now , so far , already , often , never ,

ever , yet , before , till now 3. 在时间,条件,让步状语从句中,表示 ______某时已 _______的动作.

4. 一般过去时表示的事情纯属 ________.与现在 _______ , 现在完成时表示的事情与现 在________, 是 ________ 事情对现在产生的 ________或对___________的 ______. 5. 得出结论 ______________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________ 三.实战演练 (用括号内所给的适当形式填空 ) 1. I have seen this film for several times, but this is the first time I _______________ (catch) the meaning of it. 2. Mother, where ______ you __________ (put) my cell phone after you used it? I _______________ (not see) it anywhere. 3. Many dangerous buildings ________ (pull down) during the last several months in our city. 4. Ann is working for a big company and she _____________ (already visit) a great number of places in Australia. 5. My father ___________ (leave) for London on business already, so you can’t see him now. 四.单项选择 1. The construction of the two new railway lines _____ by now. A. has completed B. have completed C. have been completed D. has been completed

2. I _____ the wall the whole morning, so I am extremely tired. A. painted B. had painted C. had been painting D. have been painting

3. --- ____ my glasses? ---- Yes, I saw them on your bed a minute ago. A. Do you see B. Had you seen C. Would you see D. Have you seen

4. I wonder why Jenny ____ us recently. We should have heard from her by now. A. hasn’t written B. doesn’t write C. won’t write D. hadn’t written

5. The coffee is wonderful! It doesn’t taste like anything I ____ before. A. was having B. have C. have ever had D. had ever had

6. He was hoping to go abroad but his parents ____ that they won’t support him unless he can borrow money from the bank. A. were deciding B. have decided C. decided D. will decide

7. My brother is an actor. He ____ in several films so far. A. appears B. appeared C. has appeared D. is appearing

8. The country life he was used to _____ greatly since 1992. A. change B. has changed C. changing D. have changed

9. What we used to think ____ impossible now does seem possible. A. is B. was C. has been D. will be

10. I can’t see any coffee in this cupboard. ______? A. Has it all been finished B. Was it all finished C. Has it all finished D. Did it all finish

11. How can you possibly miss the news? It ____ on TV all day long. A. has been B. had been C. was D. will be

12. The moment the 28th Olympic Games ____ open, the whole world cheered. A. declared B. have been declared C. have declared D. were declared

13. I have only ____ begun to learn English. A. recent B. soon C. presently D. recently

14. Police are now searching for a woman who is reported to ____ since the flood hit the area last Friday. A. have been missing B. have got lost C. be missing D. get lost

15. With the help of high technology, more and more new substances ____ in the past years. A. discovered B. have discovered C. had been discovered D. have been discovered

16. --- I’m sure Andrew will win the first prize in the final. --- I think so. He ___ for it for months. A. is preparing B. was preparing C. had been preparing D. has been preparing

17. --- ___ you ___ him around the museum yet? --- Yes. We had a great time there. A. Have; shown B. Do; show C. Had; shown D. Did ; show

18. I got caught in the rain and my suit ___ in the rain. A. has ruined B. had ruined C. has been ruined D. had been ruined

19. The play had already been on for quite some time when we ___ at the New Theatre. A. have arrived B. arrived C. had arrived D. arrive

20. --- ___David and Vicky ___ married --- For about three years. A. How long were , being C. How long have ; been B. How long have ; got D. How long did ; get



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