牛津版高二英语Unit2 Project


No.2 middle school of Lei yang --- Xie Xiao Yan

? 我住长江头,君住长江尾. 日日思君不见君,共饮长江水. ? 此水几时休,此恨何时已. 只愿君心似我心,定不负相思意. ------卜算子· 李之仪 ? I live upstream and you downstream

by Yangtze Blue. Day after day of you I think, but you are not in view, Although as one we drink the water clear of River Blue. ?

When will the water no more flow? When will the grief no longer grow? I wish your heart be but like mine, Then not in vain for you I pine.

As the third longest river in the world, how long provinces does it run How many is the Yangtze River? across? It is 6,300 kilometers long. rivers in the What are the three provinces. It runs across nine longest world? The Nile in Africa, the Amazon in South America and the Yangtze River in China.

Listen to the tape : To get the main idea of the text.

Group work: Each group can read the assigned paragraph and report the main idea of the class. P1:The environmental problems of the Yangtze River have raised concern. P2:Many people have recognized the importance of protecting the Yangtze River and many environmental organizations and projects have been set up.

P3:Two special government projects are under way to protect the river. One is the water and soil preservation project.
P4:The second project is a nature reserve for white-flag dolphins. P5:The environmental situation of the Yangtze River is improving.

Analyze the structure of the text.

Protecting the Yangtze River

P1: Raising the issue

P 2-4: How to solve P 5: Conclusion the issue

The environmental A lot of work has been problems of the Yangtze done to protect the river River have raised concern.

The environmental situation of the Yangtze River is improving

Careful- reading: Fill in the blanks.

Close test:

T hankfully , many people have r ecognized the importance of protecting the Yangtze River and nvironmental organizations and e_____ projects have been set up to Close Text: eal d______ with the problem. The Green River organization is a nong overnmental organization that educates and advise people on the importance of p rotecting this great river.

The organization also watches the river and stops the i______ llegal hunting of animals which had been a m_______ problem and ajor which has e ndangered the wild animals. Two government projects are nder also u_____ way to protect the river.

The projects f ocus on problems along the Yangtze River such as water onservation Experts have c_______. a______ nalysed the river and are now trying to work out possible s olution to the many problems. The river and soil preservation project was set up in 1989.


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