Module 2 Experiences
Unit 1 I’ve also entered lots of speaking competitions.导学案

Read the words aloud.
【教学目标】 1. 词汇: ever, enter, competition, prize, dream, af

ford, pity, invite 2. 现在完成时的结构和定义。 3.能听懂和阅读关于介绍经历的语言材料, 能通过相关词汇和图片描述自己和他人的经历; 能初步运用现在完成时,并写出相关的句子和短文。 4 乐于介绍自己的经历,和他人分享。同时,学会倾听他人的美好的经历,理解他人的喜 怒哀乐,建立良好的人际关系。 【语法复习】 现在完成时 现在完成时定义:强调过去发生的动作对现在造成的影响或结果。 Betty went to the park yesterday.(强调去公园的动作发生在昨天) Betty has been to the park before.(强调不仅去过公园,而且了解公园的状况) 现在完成时的谓语结构:_______________________________________ 【练一练】 一,看哪组在对话中所找的含有现在完成时的句子最多。

1. Have you ever won any prizes before? 2. I’ve always wanted to go on a dream holiday. 3. I’ve also entered lots of speaking competitions, but haven’t won any prizes. 4. I’ve stopped trying now. 二.请写出下面动词的过去分词 1. visit -- _______ 2. ask -- ______3. travel -- _______ 4. enter -- _______ 5. go -- _______ 6. win -- _____7. want -- _______ 8. stop -- _______ 9. think -- _______ 10. have -- ______11. invite -- _______ 12. be -- _______ 【课内探究】 1. Listen and number the words as you hear them. 2. Liten and again choose the correct answer. 3. listen and answer the questions.
4.Now check (√) what Lingling and Tony have or have not done.

Name Lingling

Experiences has won some prizes. has always wanted to go on a dream holiday.




has entered lots of speaking competitions.

has won some prizes. has travelled a lot.
5.风采展示 Ask and answer questions about what Lingling and Tony have or have not done. 例如。 —Has Lingling ever won any prizes before? —No, she hasn’t. —Has Tony entered lots of speaking competitions? —Yes, he has. 6 知识要点



1. Linging ______ written a story about the competition. A. have B. has C. is 2. I have ______ lots of speaking competitions, but I lost. A. helped B. stopped C. entered 3. I want to buy a new bike, but I can’t _____ it. A. afford B. travel C.buy 4. Li Ming joined the writing competition and won the _______ prize. A. one B. first C. two 二.翻译 1.参加竞赛__________________ 2.一等奖_____________ 3.写作_____________ 4.编写_______ 5.考虑_____________ 6.听起来棒_____________ 7.一个演讲比赛______________________ 8.你以前得过奖吗?____________________________________

1.— Is James at home? — No, he ____ Ya’an to be a volunteer. 【2013 福建福州】 A. has gone to B. has been to C. is going to 2. — Jack, I haven’t seen your uncle for a long time. —He____Shanghai on business for two months. 【2013 湖北随州】 A. went to B. has gone to C. has been in D. has been to 3. — Anna, have you _____ seen China’s Got Talent (达人秀)? — Of course. I ____ it last weekend. 【2013 湖北咸宁】 A. never; saw B. ever; have seen C. never; have seen D. ever; saw 4. — Hello, may I speak to Miss Wang? — Sorry, she isn’t in. She _____ the office. 【2013 四川南充】 A. has been to B. has gone to C. has been away Homework 1.编写一个对话,介绍你参加的比赛或竞赛。 2.预习 unit2 词汇。

Unit 2 They have seen the Pyramids.导学案
【课前延伸】 Read the words aloud. 【教学目标】 1.Key vocabulary—move, send, Germany, France, tower, ancient, king, queen, Arabic, way, mix, miss, count 2. 教学重点 Key structures—count down, so far, in many ways,have been to, find it hard to do sth. 3 教学难点. To get information about the Pyramids.To master the present perfect tense. 4.To know more about other person’s experiences and understand each other better. 【课内探究】 1 Revision Answer the questions according to the pictures, and let Ss know about experiences. 2 Consolidate new words Look and say. The teacher shows the pictures of new words and let the students to say as quickly as possible. 3 Pre-reading 1. Ss ask and answer the questions in pairs. 1).Which interesting places in China have you visited? 2).Have you ever seen the Great Wall? 3).Have you ever visited another country? 2. Look and say what you can see in the picture. 4 Listening Look at the two questions, then listen to the tape and answer the questions. 5 Reading Read the passage and answer the six questions. 1. How long have the Robinsons been in Egypt? 2. Why do they live in Cairo? 3. What have they seen and done in Egypt? 4. What do Mike and Clare find difficult about Arabic? 5. Who do they miss in the US? 6. Are they looking forward to going home? 6 Complete the passage with the correct form of the words in the box Mike and Clare live in Cairo in Egypt because their father works there. They have

visited many places in Egypt. For (1) ________, they have seen the Pyramids, and they have visited the (2) _______ palaces of the (3) ______ and (4) _______ of Egypt. Mike and Clare have learnt a little Arabic, and when they speak it, they often (5) ______ it with German, French and Chinese. Recently, their father’s company has asked him to go back to the US. Mike and Clare are (6) _________ down the days. 7 知识要点 【当堂检测】 完成句子 1. 他们已经去过埃及了,和拍了许多照片。 They ___________ Egypt and took many photos there. 2. 这两匹马在许多方面是不同的。 The two horses are different ____________. 3. 在学习的过程中,我发现学好英语是困难的。 During the study I find it hard _______ English well. 4. 到目前为止,珍妮还没为她父亲买到礼物。 ______ Jane hasn’t bought her gift for her father. 中考连接 1. —Is Tom at home? —No, he ____ to town. 【2013 天津】 A. has been B. has gone C. goes D. will go 2. He ____ for ten years.【2013 四川雅安】 A. has been married B. married C. got married D. has married 3. Julie's father _____ to London last month. He _____ there three times. 【2013 江苏连云港】 A. went; had gone B. has gone; has been C. went; has been D. has been; had gone 4. Julia isn’t going to the cinema with us because she ______ the film. 【2013 浙 江湖州】 A. sees B. saw C. will see D. has seen Summary Let Ss talk about what they have learnt in class. Homework 1.Write a passage about your special trip, using the information of writing part 2.预习 Unit3.

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