虚拟语气用法汇 一、虚拟语气在条件句中

eg: If I had time, I would attend the meeting. If he had hurried, he could have caught the train. If I were to go abroad, I would go to America. 注意:虚拟语气中的省略 在 条 件 句 中 , 可 省 略 if, 把 were ,had,

should 提到句首,变为倒装句式. If I were at school again, I would study harder. Were I at school again, I would study harder. If you had come earlier, you would have met him. Had you come earlier, you would have met him. If it should rain tomorrow, we would not go climbing. Should it rain tomorrow, we would not go climbing. 二、虚拟语气在名词从句中的运用 (1)用于宾语从句 1、用于 wish 后面的宾语从句中。 一般用虚拟语气, 表示一种不可能实现的愿 望。其谓语动词形式为: 表现在→过去时

表过去→过去完成时 表将来→would, might, could+动词原形 I wish (that) I were a bird. I wish (that) I had seen the film last night. I wish (that) I would/could go. 2、用于表示命令、建议、要求等一类词后 面的宾语从句中 谓语动词用: (should)+ 动词原形。 insist, order, command, suggest, advise, propose, require, request, demand, desire etc. We suggested that the meeting (should) be put off. They insisted that the boy (should) go with them. 注意:suggest 当表示“暗示、表明“讲时, insist 表示“坚持认为” 之意时,应 用陈述语气。 (2)用于表语从句和同位语从句

表语和同位语从句中要用“(should)+动 词原形”,should 可以省略. suggestion / proposal / order / plan / advice / idea / request My idea is that we (should) think it over before accepting it. My suggestion that we (should) have a meeting has been accepted by others. We all agree to that suggestion that the meeting (should) be put off. (3)用于主语从句 1 、 It is important (necessary, strange, natural) that .... , 后用: should)+ 动 that ( 词原形 It’s necessary that we should have a walk now. 我们有必要出去散散步。 It’s natural that she should do so. 她这样 做是很自然的。

It’s important that we should take good care of the patient. 重要的是我们要照顾好 病人。 2 、 It is

demanded/suggested/ordered/required…., that 后用: (should)+ 动词原形 It is demanded that we should work out a plan. 我们被要求制定出一个计划。 3、It is a pity/a shame/ no wonder that….., that 后用: (should) + 动词原形 It’s a pity that you (should) miss a good chance. 三、虚拟语气在其他从句中 1. It is (high / about ) time that… 从句中的谓语动词用过去式或 should+动 词原形,should 不能省略.

It is high time that you went / should go to school. 2. If only 引导的感叹句(要是..该有多 . 好啊) 表示现在的情况,用过去式; 如果是过去的 情况,用过去完成时态 If only I knew the answer! If only I had seen the film yesterday! 3. would rather + 从句 表示现在的情况,用过去式; 如果是过去的 情况,用过去完成时态 I would rather you told me the truth. I would rather you had gone there last Sunday. 4. as if ( as though) 看起来 表示与现在事实相反,用过去式;与过去事 实相反用过去完成式 (had done). He treats /treated the boy as if he were his

own son. He speaks/ spoke as if he had known about it. 5. even if ( even though)即使 表示与现在事实相反,用过去式;与过去事 实相反用过去完成式 (had done). Even if he were here, he could not solve the problem. Even if I had been busy then, I would have helped you. 6.其他 but for/but that(if it were not for, if it had not been for)(要不是) ,without(没有) , otherwise,or(否则) ,表示现在的情况, 用过去式; 如果是过去的情况,用过去完成 时态 But for their help, I would not have finished the task.要不是他帮忙,我完不成

任务的。 But for water and air, nothing could live in the world.要不是有水和空气,世界上没有 什么能生存。 What would I have done without you? 没 你我该怎么办啊? He was very busy; otherwise, he would have come to the party.他很忙, 否则他回来 参加派对的 lest 以免; ( 免得) in case 以防) for fear , ( 和 that(生怕,唯恐) 谓语部分用: (should) + 动词原形 Keep quiet in case you(should)interrupt him when he is busy.要保持安静,以防打 扰他。 She is now studying for fear that she

(should)fail in English.她现在很勤奋, 生怕英语不及格。 You must wake him early lest he(should) be late for school.你务必早点叫醒他,以 免他上学迟到。




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