【全国百强校】浙江省温州中学人教新课标英语Module5 Unit3 Warming up and reading课件(共18张PPT)


M5U3 Warming up and reading

the helicopter cap




1.What changes will happen in one thousand years’ time? 2.What will the life be like in one thousand years’ time? ?Environment
? ? ? ? ?Education Transport ?Houses Work ?communication Finance and currency Languages

First Impressions
? Li Qiang took a time travel journey to 3008.

main ideas:

Para 1: para2: Para3: Para4:

How I came to take a time travel journey. The journey My impressions of life in 3008. Staying in WangPing’s home


1. 2. 3. 4.

Why did Li Qiang have the chance? What is “time lag”? How did my guide help me get over “time lag”? How did I go to the future?

1.Why did Li Qiang have the chance? He won this prize last year and now he is taking up the prize( 接受奖励). 2.What is “time lag”?
This is similar to the “jet lag” (时差反应)you get from flying, but it seems you keep getting flashbacks from your previous(以前的) time period. (所不同的是,在你脑子里似乎会不断闪现以前 的时光。) What is jet lag?

“Jet lag” is what you get when you fly for many hours on an airplane. For example, if you fly from Amsterdam to Beijing ,you may leave at three o’clock in the afternoon and travel for eight hours but arrive in Beijing at four o’clock in the afternoon. By the clock it seems as if you have traveled for one hour but your body knows it has been eight hours in the air. The difference in these times (the clock and your body is because you have traveled through many time zones To your body its eleven o’clock at night. So you feel very tired even though it is only four o’clock in the afternoon. That feeling of tiredness is called “jet lag” To get over it you must sleep until your body has adjusted to the new time.

3.How did my guide help me get over “time lag”? Green tablets. tablets 4.How did I go to the future? I was transported safely into the future in a time capsule.

capsule 太空舱 capsule 胶囊

para 2 The journey

Was Li Qiang’s journey to the future
pleasant or terrible? Welcome aboard! Wish you a pleasant journey!


A “Pleasant” Journey The seats were comfortable and after a calming drink, we felt sleepy and closed our eyes. The capsule began swinging gently sideways as we lay relaxed and dreaming. A few minutes later, the journey was completed and we had arrived. I was still on the earth but one thousand years in the future. What would I find? At first my new surroundings were difficult to tolerate. The air seemed thin, as though its combination of gases had little oxygen left. …

Para 3-4)“What would I find?” Air quality Communication Houses Education

Work Finance

which aspects are mentioned?



Air quality
? 1. Why did Liqiang think the new surroundings were difficult to tolerate? The air seemed thin, as though…. Hit by the lack of fresh air, his head ached.

? 2. How did Wang Ping help to solve this problem? Wang Ping gave a mask to me and hurried me through to a small room nearby for a rest.

? 3. What is a hovering carriage? How to use it? drivenby computer can float The carriage ______ collectinga hovering above the ground. After ________ carriage, first fasten _____ the safety belt. If you want bendor _____ pressdown in your seat. to move, ____ ? 4.What is the “large market”? However, I lost sight of Wang Ping when we reached what _______ looked like a large market … I realized that I had been transported into the future what was still my hometown. of ______

Discussion: What’s your impression of the transport in 3008? Find sentences to support your idea.

What do you think of houses in 3008?

Homework : 1.Discussion: Is it likely to have a time travel? 2.Finish exercises on page 19.