Your Home (Your Accommodation)
1. Do you live in a house or a flat? (思路:直截了当 额外相关信息) I live in a pretty spacious (= big) flat in the outskirts of my hometown. My family bought the flat a long time ago. We live on the 10th floor of a high-rise. It's a three-bedroom apartment. I think it covers about 130 square meters (= m'), It's a fairly nice place. uptown area 住宅区 downtown area 市中心 2. Please describe the place where you live. (思路:直接描述,多点描述注意逻辑衔接) My home is bright and spacious. We have a very comfy sofa in the living room, and a large flat-screen TV set hanging on the wall. Our apartment is well-designed. In addition, I like the fact that we have two big balconies. It's really nice when the weather is warm. We can have dinner outside. All in all, I quiet like the place where I live. 3. How have you decorated your home (or, your room)? (思路:简洁回答 一带而过) I haven’t done anything. I am (still) renting. My home is very simple. Our furniture is modern style. It looks quite nice. I haven’t decorated the home at all. I am renting. I made my home Chinese style. It looks very nice. 4. Do you have anything (hanging) on the wall of your home (or your room)? (e.g., decorations) (思路:同 2 flat-screen TV 或者 加上一幅画) opposite to depict certificate of merit

5. What can you see when you look out the window of your room? (思路:直接描述,难点:词汇应用) I can't see much except for other buildings. We live in a community, and there are like 10 or 12 high-rises next to each other. But just outside my room, we have a balcony, and from that side of the building, we overlook the Changjiang River and the mountains

that surround it. At night when the banks of the river light up, the view is pretty nice. I can see a park from my window. It is really/quite beautiful/relaxing. I can see the road. It is always very busy. / I can see a busy road from my window. I can see some trees. I like it./ They are beautiful. 6. What is the environment like in your neighborhood? (思路:食住行 直接描述 多点描述注意逻辑衔接 难点:相关词汇)

It's a pleasant neighborhoood .I like the fact that it's not hectic as the downtown area of the city where I usually go. But there are shops and restaurants everywhere. From our home, it’s a five-minute walk to the supermarket, so it’s extremely convenient. In addition, there’s a monorail train station just down the street, and it only takes 15 to 20 minutes to get the city center. What’s more, for the elderly people, there are a lot green areas in the neighborhood, so they can chat and do some exercise with their friends there. It’s really a great place. 7. Do you like your neighbors? (思路:直接回答 举一个例子) Yes, they are warm and friendly, and they have a good sense of community. For example, we share food and borrow things from each other, we really get along with each other and I feel really lucky that all my neighbors are nice people, because these days many neighbors even don’t know each other. 8. What kind of people are your neighbors? (思路:同上,运用学过的口语词汇 funny, helpful, easy-going, warm and friendly, energetic … 再举个例子 比如周末一起做饭 或者 参加运 动 或者 一起娱乐。)

Your Studies
1. What subject are you studying? (思路: 给出答案+态度+态度产生的原因或后果) 我的专业是营销, 但我必须向你承认,我真的不喜欢它. 这是我为什么要出 国留学的部分原因, 因为在中国,改变专业真的麻烦。 但在澳大利亚, 我不需 要重复前两年, 所以我打算去那里 并且 主修会计. My major is marketing, but I must admit to you that I really dislike it. This is partly the reason why I want to study overseas, because in China it's really troublesome to change majors. But in Australia, I don't need to repeat the first two years, so I plan to go there and major in accounting. 我主修计算机工程 and 我很喜欢它。 起初我也不太清楚, but 我的父母鼓励 我选择这一领域, and 我不后悔. 我已经学习了很多关于软件设计 and 电子工 程. 我将在这里完成我的学士学位, and then 我打算去英国获得硕士学位. I major in computer engineering and I quite like it. At first I wasn't too sure, but my parents encouraged me to choose this field, and I don't regret it. I have been learning a lot about software design and electronic engineering. I will finish my Bachelor's degree here, and then I intend to go to England to get a Master's. 2. Why did you choose to study that? (思路: 利用一句名言: “Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in. 毫无目的的学习学不到东西, 一无所获。”) 实际上,当我在小学和中学的时候,我喜欢很多不同的科目,但是你知道, 正如达芬奇所说,“毫无目的的学习学不到东西,一无所获。” 因此,在我将要 进入大学的时候,我发现我最喜欢的是 … 因为它 … 并且我的父母也支持我选 择这个领域,那就是为什么我选择 … 的原因。 Actually,when I was in primary and secondary school,I like many different subjects,but you know,as Leonardo da Vinci said, “Study without desire spoils the memory,and it retains nothing that it takes in.” therefore,when I was about to go on to tertiary education,I found that my favorite subject is … because it’s very useful and my parents encouraged me to choose this field,that is the reason why I chose to study...

3. Do you like your subject? (= your major = your subjects if a high school student) (思路: 同上) Useful popular promising a promising field for the future 4. Where do you study (= what school/university do you attend)? (思路:给出一些额外相关信息,以便让考官觉得你有交流的意愿) I am a college student and I have been studying at Chongqing University in xxx for the last x years and I quite enjoy my life there. 5. Why did you choose that (particular) school/university? (思路: 1. 应用名言: “To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom,one must observe. 要获得知识,一个人必须学 习;但是要获得智慧,一个人必须观察。”学校有好的老师,可以用先进的教学 设备 2. 并不是第一选择) 在我做决定之前,我在网上查找了许多大学的信息,有很多可选的。you know, 我相信 要获得知识,一个人必须学习;但是要获得智慧,一个人必须观 察, 这里的老师 。而且 have access to many advanced teaching and research facilities, which provide us a wonderful opportunity to observe what we will learn. I had applied to other, better colleges, but my results on the College Entrance Examination were not as good as expected, so I had to lower my ambitions and go for Plan B. My university is actually not bad. It's just not as prestigious as what I wanted. 6. When did you start this course and when will you finish it? Do you like university life? (思路:简单内容陈诉 + 额外相关信息提供) I started it after I graduated from high school, I have been studying XXX for 3 year, and I will finish it next year. Sure, I quiet enjoy my university life, I meet many friends here who are are …… and the teachers are …., most important of all, we have access to … 7. What do you think of your school/university? (思路:多点描述,注意逻辑) Obviously it's not one of the best colleges in the nation, but it has a good reputation in my field, and I have learned a lot already. In addition, the facilities there are very modem. The classrooms

are spacious and clean. We even have air-conditioners in most classes. The library is brand new (= extremely new). So, it's a very comfortable and nice place to study. 8. (Similar to above) What do you think of the place where you are studying? 同上 9. What is the best thing about your university/school? (思路:1.名言 2.环境) 10. Why are you taking the IELTS test? (思路:直截了当) Well, I am taking the IELTS test today because I intend to study overseas next year. I have applied to 3 different universities in Australia, and they all required me to take this test in order to prove my ability to use English in different situations. 11. What are your future study plans? (思路:直截了当 或者用名言) I intend to continue my study and get the Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in XXX, because I believe it’ll be a promising field in the future. / 名言 ( you know, education is a life long process of keeping abreast of changes. I have to keep up with the times.) 12. What are your future work plans? (after you graduate) (思路:联系专业 直截了当) I intend to become a computer engineer because it interests me a lot, and I think I have the potential to do a good job in this field. In the meaning time, I will try to find chance to set up my own company, which is very important to me. I plan to set up my own company, although I don't know yet what kind of business I could start. It might be related to law, because I have been studying this subject at school. No matter what, I will try my best to make it a company with great reputation.



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