Ⅰ 单句语法填空 1 . (2015· 全 国 卷 Ⅱ 语 法 填 空 )As natural architects, the Pueblo Indians figured out exactly____________thick the adobe walls needed to be to make the cycle work on most days. 答案:how 2.

(2016· 湖南岳阳一中检测)Mr. White is opposed to repairing the old building, and that’s ____________I don’t agree. 答案:where 3.(2016· 山东省实验中学三模)Then she asked me ____________the restaurant was on the fifth floor, I told her I was going to the restaurant myself, and I offered to show her where it was. 答案:if/whether 4. (2016· 南阳一中二模)Mr. Gough asked if I really understood ____________the author tried to say in his book. 答案:what 5 . (2016· 河 南 七 校 联 考 )To improve the quality of our products, we asked for suggestions____________had used the products. 答案:whoever 6.(2016· 安徽蚌埠一模)When you look at____________great effects the climate has on our life, you will agree that it is the most serious problem. 答案:what 7.(2016· 陕西宝鸡九校 3 月联考)____________he considered a great proposal was turned down by the boss at the meeting. 答案:What 8.(2016· 北京西城一模)—Could you give me some advice on getting a job? —First, find out____________you like doing best. 答案:what 9.(2016· 江苏淮安重点中学质检)____________she can’t understand is ____________fewer and fewer people showed interest in helping others. 答案:What; why 10.(2016· 浙江金华十校联考)If you grow your own vegetables, they are generally fresher than____________you buy in the shops. 答案:what/those 11.(2016· 福建三明质检)He didn’t make____________clear when and where the meeting would be held. 答案:it 12