财务管理出国 成绩单课程英文翻译


? University Student's Academic Report
Faculty: Management Certificate No.: Course Name Specialty: Financial Management Type Cr. Sc. Class: ?Financial Management ? Course Name

ollege English (3) Senior Technical Experiment of Office Information International Business Law Aesthetics of Opera Marketing Statistics Application Financial Accounting(1) Macro-Economics Financial Management Accounting Computerization Financial Regulations and Accounting Professional Ethics History of Management Thoughts

Student ID: ? Type
Comp. Comp. Elec. Elec. Comp. Comp. Comp. Comp. Comp. Elec. Elec. Elec.

Name:? Sc. Course Name
Taxation Law Management Information System Money & Banking Investment Financial Analysis Internatinal Financial Management Management Accounting Personal Wealth Management Management Information System Design Finacial Enterprise Management  Financial Engineering Budget Accounting Theory and Practice of Insurance Budget Accounting



2009-2010 1st Term
College English (1) Applied Writing Foundations of Computer Application Modern Chinese History Extended Training Course Linear Algebra Ideological & Moral Cultivation Guidance of Campus Life Advanced Mathematics Economic Law Career Development and Employment Guidance College English (2) Physical Education (Volleyball) Advanced Technology of Office Information Principles of Marxism Probability & Mathematical Statistics EC Practical Training Music Appreciation Analytical Application of Ancient Poems Principle of Management Micro-Economics Principles of Accounting Moral Education Physical Education Comp. Comp. Comp. Comp. Comp. Comp. Comp. Comp. Comp. Comp. 2009-2010 2st Term Comp. Comp. Comp. Comp. Comp. Comp. Elec. Elec. Elec. Comp. Comp. Comp. Comp. Comp.

2011-2012 2st Ter

2010-2011 2st Term
Physical Education(Football) College English (4) Accounting Computerization Practice Financial Management Software Practice Financial Accounting (2) International Finance Auditing Computer Financial Management Advanced Financial Management Introduction to Mao Zedong's Thoughts Financial Accounting Practice Cost Accounting Comp. Comp. Comp. Comp. Comp. Elec. Comp. Comp. Comp. Comp. Comp. Comp.

2011-2012 1st Term

2010-2011 1st Term

Graduation Design (Thesis) Topic Credit GPA over the Years: Total Credits for Graduation: Person of Audit: Department (Seal):

Elec.: Dean Office (Seal):

Acquisition of Skills Certificate Certificate Name Acess Time CET 3 CET4: CET6: Date: 16/11/2012

Grade Test Oral English C Comp Comp

Degree: Type
Comp. Comp. Elec. Elec. Comp. Comp. Elec. Elec. Comp. Elec. Elec. Elec. Elec. Elec.



t Term

st Computer 1 Computer 2: Computer 3:


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