Here comes the car.
Never have I seen this kind of car.


倒 装

Here comes the car. 全部倒装

Never have I seen this kind of car. 部分倒装

1. 在以here、there、now、then、 off、away等副词开头的句子里。
2. 表示地点的介词短语位于句首 时。 1、Only+状语位于句首时 2.否定副词或短语位于句首时 3、在省去if的虚拟条件从句 中

倒 装 部分倒装

4、So\ Neither\ Nor 位于句首时 5、as引导的让步状语从句 6、特殊句式

全部倒装是只将句子中的谓语动 词全部置于主语之前。此结构通 常只用与一般现在时和 一般 过去时。常见的结构有:

? 1.

以here, there, now, then等副词或 out, in, up, down, away等表示运动方 向的副词或地点状语置于句首以示强调, 句子要全部倒装,谓语动词常用come,go, be, lie,run,rush等 There goes the bell.
Here comes the bus.

? 铃响了。 ? 公车来了。

那个男孩走开了。 Away went the boy. 小孩子冲了出来。 Out rushed the children. 他走开了。 Away he went. 她来了。 There she comes.

当主语是人称代词 时主谓不倒装.

2. 表示地点的介词短语位于句首时。

A beautiful lake lies at the foot of the hill

At the foot of the hill lies a beautiful lake.

称代词,则主、谓不需要倒装。 In he came and back he went again.

一座碉楼座落在山顶上。 ? A watchtower stands on top of the hill. ? On top of the hill stands a watchtower.

把be/助动词/情态动词 提前到主语 的前面 Is am are was were do does did

can could would may will might 等

1.only所修饰的副词、介词短语或状语从句 放在句首时, 要进行部分倒装,如: Only then did I realize the importance of learning English. Only in this way can you hope to improve the situation there. Only after he came back was I able to see him. 注:only修饰主语,仍用自然语序,如: Only socialism can save China.



高考常考的这类词或词语有: never , not, seldom, hardly, little,

nowhere, by no means, in no time 等。

? *我很少去看电

影. ? I seldom go to the cinema.
? Seldom

do I go to the cinema.

? 我从来没有看过这样的表演.

have never seen such a performance. have I seen such a performance.

? Never

(3)not until 引导的从句位于句首引起的主句 部分倒装

He didn’t finish his homework until his mother came back.

Not until his mother came back did he finish his homework.

4、as/ though (虽然,尽管)引导的让 步状语从句

Although I am ugly, I am gentle.

Ugly as I am, I am gentle. Though he is a child, he has to make a livi Child as he is, he has to make a living. 注意:从句的表语是名词,其名词前不加 任何冠词

5.用于so nor neither 开头的句子

此类倒装用于重复前句部分内容 前句是肯定句用SO 某人/某事也是 前句是否定句用neither nor某人/某事也不是

So +be/助动词/情态动词+主 语 某人也是如此 Nor/neither +be/助动词/情 态动词+主语 某人也不是如此
He has been to Beijing. So have I.
Tom can’t answer the question. Neither /Nor can I .

So +be/助动词/情态动词+主语 某人也是如此 --He has been to Beijing. --So have I.
So +主语+be/助动词/情态动词 某人确实如此 --Betty is a nice girl. --So she is .

6.在 hardly/scarcely/…when; no sooner…than; not only … but also;so...that; such…that 的倒装句中,前倒后不倒. hardly/scarcely/ no sooner后句子的谓语用had done, when/than后句子的谓语用一般过去时
(1) Hardly / Scarcely had he fallen asleep when a loud knock at the door awaked him. (2) No sooner had I reached the station than train moved. (3) Not only is he interested in football but

also he plays it well.
(4)So hard does he work that he has made great

progress in English.

7. If 虚拟条件从句中.从句有(were/should/had) (1)If I were you, I would work hard.
Were I you, I would work hard.

(2) If it should rain tomorrow, we would put off
our meeting.
Should it rain tomorrow, we would put

off our meeting.

(3)If he had followed my advice, he would have
Had he followed my advice, he would

have succeeded.

If it were not for his teacher’s help, he would never graduate from this high school. Were it not for his teacher’s help, he would never graduate from this high school.

注意:我们可以说Were it not...或者 Had it not been..., 但不可以说Weren’ t it... 或者hadn’t it been...


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