2011年市中等职业学校学生英语技能竞赛 英文听打项目

这是Mike和Jenny的一段对话。 请根据题目要求,从所听到的内容中获取必要的信息,并将关键 词或词组输入到下面表格中对应的括号内。听录音前,你将有15秒钟 的阅题时间,录音读两遍。

Their plan Date Place

Go on ( ) () so

meplace quiet and by a river place at ( ) at ( )

Place / Time to meet time

( ), beef and delicious fish, Lunch food ham ( ) and plenty of beer

Mike’s task


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2011 年市中等职业学校学生英语技能竞赛英文听打 录音原文

这是 Mike 和 Jenny 的一段对话。 请根据题目要求,从所听到的内容中获取必要的信息,并将关键词或 词组输入到下面表格中对应的括号内。听录音前,你将有 15 秒钟的 阅题时间,录音读两遍。

Jenny: Hi, Mike! You know, let's do something we haven't done for a long time. I'd like to go on a picnic. Where could we go? Over to the park? Mike: No, Jenny. I want to drive out into the country, find someplace quiet and by a river, and have a big picnic lunch with fried chicken, beef, and delicious fish, ham sausage and plenty of beer. Jenny: Sounds like a good idea. Then when and what time? This Saturday? Mike: I’m afraid I can't make it. I'm busy all weekend, but next Sunday I'm free. Jenny: That’s OK. Well. It’s February 16. Let me see. Let’s meet at the School Theater at 8:15, Ok? I’ll be in charge of the lunch food and you’ll provide the transportation. Mike: Got it. I’ll make it.



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