例题 7.The situation in Iraq is so dangerous our government has _________ the worker ________there. A. forbidden, to go B. demanded, not to go C. kept, going D. required, not going 例题 8.In our childhood, we were often _____ by our strict Grandma to pay attention to our table manners. A. demanded B. reminded C. allowed D. hoped 44.Insist vt. 1)Insist on doing 2)My daughter insists on having dinner before 6 o’clock. 3)Indians insist that they should not use paper in the toilet. 4)Indians insist that using water is better than paper. 例题 1.The man insisted ________ a taxi for me even though I told him I lived nearby. A. find B. to find C.on finding D.in finding 例题 2.The old man insisted that the young man ____ his money and ____ to the policeman. A.had stolen; be sent B. should steal; should be sent C. had stolen; was sent D. should steal; was sent 45.reward vt. 1)Mother rewarded me ______ an IPAD. 2)I was rewarded _______ the good exam results. 46.rewarding adj. 1)The discussion between the United States and China has been rewarding. 2)Papa gave me a camera and a lot of $$$ today. It is a rewarding day.

47.Mean adj. Vt. 1)In Venezuela, having a surgery means being positive towards life. 2)With her beauty, Stefania was meant to be Miss Universe. 3)Many people in Asia mean to go to Venezuela for better appearance every year. 4)Some South American women are meant for the Venezuelan Beauty Pageant (选美比 赛). 5)They say Sousa is very mean to those girls. 6)the means of … 7)_____ means of … 8)by all means 9)by no means 48.meanwhile adv. = in the meantime 例题 1.Your plan means __________ more money, while I mean __________ it. A. losing; changing B. losing; to change C. to lose; changing D. to lose; to change 例题 2.高一完型:

In China, ranking (排名) students according to their examination

as a means of

encouraging students to study harder. ( )46.A. has used B. has been used C. has treated D. has looked on 例题 3.Student loan is supposed to provide financial support for people who would __not be able to go to college . A. therefore B. meanwhile C. nevertheless D. otherwise 例题 4.Every possible means ____to prevent the air pollution ,but the sky is still not clear. A. is used B. has been used C. had been used D. are used 例题 5.I'm sorry I didn't mean ________ you. A.hurt B. to hurt C. hurting D. having hurt 例题 6.---Let's have a chat over the coming football matches,shall we? -----Sorry. I am tired,and I ______ going to bed. A.would like B.mean C.intend D.feel like 例题 7.It's too late to go out now. ________, it's starting to rain. A.Besides B. Meanwhile C. However D. Anyhow 例题 8.Can you make a sentence to _____ the meaning of the phrase? A. show out B. bring out C. turn out D. work out 例题 9.In a way I can see what you mean, even though I don’t ______ your point of view. A. recognize B. share C. agree D. permit 例题 10.He is in______control of the company. I mean, the company is in_____control of him. A. the; / B. /; the C. the; the D. /; / 例题 11.If you think that treating a woman well means always_______her permission for things, think again. A. gets B. got C. to get D. getting 例题 12.----Can you tell me what the word mean? ------Why don't you________it up in a dictionary. A.pick B.take C.look D.make 例题 13.All possible means ________ been taken to prevent the river ________. A. have; polluting B. has; polluted C. has; from polluted D. have; being polluted 例题 14.Jim went to answer the phone. _______, Harry started to prepare lunch. A. However B. Nevertheless C. Besides D. Meanwhile 二.阅读理解解题技巧 阅读理解 例题 1.The researchers’ report said, “While more notes are beneficial, if the notes are taken mindlessly, as is more likely the case on a laptop, the benefit disappears.” In another experiment aimed at testing long-term memory, students took notes as before but were tested a week after the lecture. This time, the students who wrote notes by hand performed significantly better on the exam.

23. The author of the passage aims to . A. examine the importance of long-term memory B. hand C. explain the process of taking notes D.

stress the benefit of taking notes by promote the use of laptops

例题 2.These two experiments suggest that handwritten notes are not only better for immediate learning and understanding, but that they also lead to superior revision in the future. 24. The passage is likely to appear in __ . A. a newspaper advertisement B. a computer textbook C. a science magazine D. a finance report 例题 3.Nitrogen(氮) and carbon are shared through miles of underground fungi(真菌) networks, making sure that all trees in the forest ecological system give and receive just the right amount to keep them all healthy. This hidden system works in a very similar way to the networks of neurons(神经元)in our brains, and when one tree is destroyed, it affects all. Simard talks about “mother trees”, usually the largest and oldest plants on which all other trees depend. She explains how dying trees pass on the wealth to the next generation, transporting important minerals to young trees so they may continue to grow. When humans cut down “mother trees” with no awareness of these highly complex “tree societies” or the networks on which they feed, we are reducing the chances of survival for the entire forest. 30. “Mother trees” are extremely important because they . A.look the largest in size in the forest B.pass on nutrition to young trees C.seem more likely to be cut down by humans D.know more about the complex “tree societies” 例题 4.“We didn’t take any notice of it.” Simard says sadly. “Dying trees move nutrition into the young trees before dying, but we never give them chance.” If we could put across the message to the forestry industry, we could make a huge difference towards our environmental protection efforts for the future. 31. The underlined word “it” in the last paragraph refers to . A.how “tree societies” work B.how trees grow old C.how forestry industry develops D.how young trees survive 32. What would be the best title for the passage?_____ A.Old Trees Communicate Like Humans B.Young Trees Are In Need Of Protection C.Trees Are More Awesome Than You Think D.Trees Contribute To Our Society 例题 5.With around 100 students scheduled to be in that 9 am Monday morning lecture, it is no surprise that almost 20 people actually make it to the class and only 10 of them are still awake after the first 10 minutes; it is not even a surprise that most of them are still in

their pyjamas. Obviously, students are terrible at adjusting their sleep cycles to their daily schedule. 43. What docs the author stress in Paragraph 1? ________ A. Many students are absent from class. B. Students are very tired on Monday mornings. C. Students do not adjust their sleep patterns well.D. Students are not well prepared for class on Mondays.

第 7 讲 完型填空 高中完型填空考察内容: 1.完型填空高考话题: 2010 年:议论文 2012 年:新闻/人文类科技报道 2014 年:说明 2.完型填空考查逻辑含义——需要用中文预判: 例题:住的离公司近可以节约_______ A.房租 B.设施 C.通讯 D. 车费 (2013 闸北一模)Besides living near the work place is always welcome as it saves time and fares on __55__ . 50.A.housing B. facilities C.communication D. transportation 3.完型填空考查词汇: 1)动词 动词短语 2)名词 3)形容词 4)副词 5)独立的介词短语 (2014 年上海高考) 52. A. occasionally B. habitually C. independently D. originally 53. A. social B. political C. historical D. cultural 56. A. confirms B. rejects C. outlines D. broadens 57. A. for instance B. in addition C. on the contrary D. as a result 58. A. motivation B. appearance C. emotion D. behaviour 解题原则 1. 连词前后的对等关系:句子之间的关系不是并列就是转折: 例题 1.In spite of 40 winds and rough seas, Pickle made the voyage of more than 1, 000 miles in just over eight days.... 40.A.strong B.weak C.warm D.light 例题 2.The girl became increasingly worried about this, both when 46 and in her dreams. 46. A. asleep B. away C. around D. awake 2011 年:经济类评论/议论 2013 年:议论

完型选项的关系: 例题 3.David stepped out of the toilet and stopped in surprise —the library lights were off. The place was 29 . The doors had been shut. 29.A.lonely B.empty C.noisy D.crowded 例题 4. She made it through the class.Perhaps she thanked the young man; she is not 51 . 51.A.interested B.doubtful C.puzzled D.Sure 例题 5.It wasn’t hard;she 32 every minute of it. 32.A.disliked B.loved C.expected D.bored 例题 6.“What’s up?”I asked.He answered in 47 English,“I…I no get money to buy book.” 47.A.old B.broken C.traditional D.modern 例题 7.Is my main idea or purpose _clear_ throughout my draft? Do I ever lose sight of my purpose? Have I given my readers all of the _____ that is, facts, opinions, inferences --that they need in order to understand my main idea? Finally, have I included too many _unnecessary_ details that may confuse readers? (上海卷) A. angles B . evidence C . information D . hints 例题 8.Eleven-year-old Angela had something wrong with her nervous system.She was unable to 36 .In fact,she could hardly make any 37 . 36.A.see B.hear C.talk D.walk 37.A.progress B.difference C.movement D.achievement 例题 9.We can hate waiting, 38 it or even get good at it! But one thing is certain --- we cannot avoid it. 38.A.accept B.control C.change D.improve 例题 10.As well, children arc even taught that hurting other players is _ acceptable or are pushed to continue playing even when they are injured. _59 , the media makes violence seem exciting. (上海卷) 59. A. By contrast B. In addition C. As a result D.After all 例题 11.Dr.Richardson never 33 her decision. 34 ,she was so pleased with May’s work that she later accepted two other deaf women as student nurses. 33.A.regretted B.thought of C.liked D.believed 34.A.In fact B.In a hurry C.In surprise D.In public 例题 12.Seeing that he had an 24 face, she let him in and gave him a nice treat. 24. A. interesting B. honest C. anxious D. angry 例题 13.When I took the first exam, I was shocked to find a 77, C-plus, on my test paper, 39 English was my best subject. 39. A. but B. so C. for D. or 例题 14.I told her I would mess it up, 37 I had never worked at the bar before. 37.A.because B.though C.until D.while 例题 15.The passengers on the bus watched with sympathy as Susan made her way carefully up the steps. She paid the driver and then, using her hands to the seats, settled in one of them. It had been a year since Susan became blind.

A. touch B .grab C .count D .feel 例题 16.They continued to climb until they reached the old temple at the 49 of the mountain. 49.A.tip B.back C.top D.bottom 例题 17.Children often do as much as what adults,particularly parents and teachers, expect of them.That is,tell a child he is “ 55 ,”and he may play the role of a foolish child. 55.A.wise B.rude C.shy D.stupid 例题 18.I shrugged my shoulders.I thought my mother’s idea was a bad one,but I 43 . 43.A.guessed B.obeyed C.begged D.admitted 例题 19.“What was he talking about!” Then I got it. I had set my trays on his wife’s orthopedic walker (助步器). I stood frozen as ice, but my face was 52 . 52. A. cold B. full of joy C. pale D. on fire 例题 20.One day,Raul was miles away from the small ranch(牧场) house in a large valley.36 seemed to be all right,yet he felt strange and somewhat uneasy. 36.A.Something B.Everything C.Anything D.Nothing 例题 21.44 he put on some warm clothes, it didn’t work, for there were too many of us. 44. A. Since B. Once C. Whether D. Although 例题 22.Apparently, although no one wants to be 51 all the time, everyone needs some degree of privacy. 51. A. noisy B. alone C. personal D. sociable 例题 23.Although she believed that she had a 38 chance of recovering,the doctors said that few ,if any,could come back to normal after getting this disease.


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