introduction module2

Blank Filling
My h__________ Lee is a very p_______ teacher in eadmaster opular our school. Every body likes him as he is very unny musing f______ and a_________ who often makes us laugh

and we are always e_________ in his class. His class nergetic ively rganized is really l_____ and o________ while he is also s______ and s______ with us when we disobey the erious trict class rules. So we are n_______ of him. ervous

What kind of teacher is a good teacher?

Task 3 Tick the statements that you agree with. a. All good teachers talk a lot. b. I think teachers need to be strict. c. I like teachers who are amusing and can laugh with their students. d. The most popular teachers are always very kind. e. Good teachers make sure that everyone in the class understands. f. Good teachers always return homework quickly. g. You should be able to ask your teacher questions at any time during a lesson. h. It doesn’t matter if a teacher is not organized.

Task 4. Listening.(Page11) Listen to Alex, an English student, and tick the sentences above that he agrees with.
2) –I think you should phone Jenny and say sorry to her. discipline her fault. -- ______. It was[‘disiplin] n 纪律 A. No way B. Not possible obviously [‘?bvi?sli] adv 很明显地 C. No chance D. Not at all

interruption [,int?‘r?p??n] n 中断,干扰

Writing What kind of teacher is a good teacher? 1) 5-6 sentences is ok. 2) Vary your sentence patterns A good teacher is someone who is … A good teacher should be … I like the teacher who is…

Punctuate the following paragraph (P18)
What is a good teacher I don’t think there is one answer only to this important question because good teachers can be strict kind lively quiet amusing or serious however there are some things that a good teacher must do for example he or she must plan his or her lessons carefully and must explain thins clearly if not students still have problems also it is very important for teachers to have discipline in the class don’t you think so finally a good teacher needs to like his students and enjoy teaching I believe that’s very important

What is a good teacher? I don’t think there is one answer only to this important question, because good teachers can be strict, kind, lively, quiet, amusing or serious. However, there are some things that a good teacher must do. For example he or she must plan his or her lessons carefully and must explain things clearly. If not, students still have problems. Also it is very important for teachers to have discipline in the class. Don’t you think so? Finally a good teacher needs to like his students and enjoy teaching. I believe that’s very important.

Punctuations 1. period/full stop句子终结的标志 I did have an unusual Saturday today Early in the morning, I was about to cross the street when I suddenly noticed a woman knocked down by a speeding car 其他用法:不同用法名称不同 2. 2.3157 point




3. www.yahoo.com dot Look at the dotted words


4.Dr./Mr./ Prof./P.S. 表示缩写

comma 1. 状语从句、非限定性定语从句和主句之间


If there is something you must do then you should set out to do it at once. 2. 并列结构之间 Tom Mary and I went to the park yesterday. 他们给了汤姆,玛丽和我每人一个苹果。 me each They gave Tom Mary and _____ ______ an apple. 注意:承前省 You were, are and will always be my teacher.




Dear Tom I’m very glad to receive your letter of April 3.

3. 用在汉语该用冒号的位置


He said “Are you all right?”


Having left his wife a lot of money, he died. He died, leaving his wife a lot of money. He hurried to the cinema, only to find the tickets had been sold out. Hunted everywhere, the wolf could find no place to hide.




1. 列出表示列举、解释或说明性的词语。如: His favorite foods are as follows apple pie, fruit juice, and chocolate. You may keep my book as long as you like on one condition you take good care of it. 注意:上述两句中的冒号都可以换为破折号—em dash



2. 用于时与分之间、比率数之间。如: The train is to leave at 7:20. The proportion of men to women is 3:5. 男人与女人的比例是3:5。

⑴ 顿号(、) ⑵ 书名号(《》) ⑶ 间隔号(?)

2、 英语中的某些标点符号为汉语所没有。
⑴ 撇号--Apostrophe(’)
⑵ 连字号--Hyphen(-)

3、 某些符号在汉英两种语言中的形式不同。
⑴ 中文的句号是空心圈(。) 英文的句号是实心点(.) ⑵ 英文的省略号是三个点(...),位置在行底; 中文的为六个点(……),居于行中。

英语中以句子结构定标点! 汉语则以逻辑意思却定标点!
She married Tom Her parents were angered. She married Tom ; her parents were angry. She married Tom and her parents were angered. Because she married Tom her parents were angered. She married Tom so her parents were angered. She married Tom which angered her parents.

. ,
, ,


That she married Tom made her parents angry. Her marrying Tom made Tom angry. She marrying Tom, her parents were angry.


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