Let’s go to the movies

Unit 9 Can you come to my party?

3. Invitation: “Let’s go to the concert on the weekend.” Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t. I will go to Reply: ______________________________ the concert

with my parents. ______________________________ 4. Invitation: “Do you want to go shopping with me next week?” Reply:________________________________ Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t. I will go _________________________________ to the summer camp.

5. Invitation: “Can you play soccer with me

after school today?
Reply:________________________________ Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t. I have to _________________________________ go home early to look after my little _________________________________ Brother.

I 选词填空
play come have to study visit 1. My American friend is going to ______ visitme next vacation. playingfootball this weekend? 2. Are you _______ have to 3. I can’t join you because I _______ help my mom on weekdays. study 4. Please keep quiet! I’m trying to ______. come to my birthday party? 5. Do you want to _______

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1. Thanks a lot for your i_________. nvitation 2. I don’t stay out late on w_______. eekday 3. Every morning I spent two hours t________ raining for the race. 4. It’s a p___ ity that you can’t come to the party. 5. I prefer c________ to English. hemistry

6 .Miss Lee t _______ eaches us English this year.

7. S _______ unday is the seventh day of a week.
8. If you are ill, you should go to see a d_______. octor

9. Mike c________ come here today because an’t
he is sick.

10.I’m s_______ he can come here on time. ure

A: Hello, Tim, can you _____ to my party? come B: _______ When is it? On Wednesday night. A: Next week. ______ B: Sure, _______ for I’d loveto. But I have to _____ study the science test. pity Maybe ______ nexttime. A: It’s a ______. asking me. B: Thanks for ________

Ⅳ. 根据汉语提示完成下列句子
1. 我们后天去参观那个地方吧。 Let’s go and visit the place the day after tomorrow. 2. 你不能来参加这次聚会, 真可惜。

It’s a pity that you can’t come to the party.

3. 我将等到四点钟。

I’ll wait till four o’clock.
4. 你能过来加入我们吗?

Can you come over and join us?

5. 他们邀请谁了?

Whom did they invite?
6. 本周末我得帮我妈妈做事。

I have to help my mom this weekend.

Ⅴ. 句型转换
1. Your sister can come to my party. (改为疑问句)

Can your sister come to my party?
2. She can’t come to the party because she has to study for the test.(画线部分提问)

Why can’t she come to the party?

3. He is playing football tomorrow. (对划线部分提问)

What is he doing tomorrow?
4. He goes to work by car every day. (对划线部分提问)

How does he go to work every day?

5. He’s playing tennis on Sunday afternoon. (对划线部分提问) __________________________on Sunday What is he doing afternoon? 6. The movie begins at six o’clock. (对划线部分提问) What time does ______________________the movie begin ?

7. Mary can come to the party.(改为否定句) Mary can’t come to the party. 8. He has to study.(改为一般疑问句) Does ________he 回答) I’d love to Sure, _______________________. have to study? 9. Can you go to the mall this week?(做出肯定

Ⅵ单项选择 C the Olympic 1. Before 2008 we will finish_____ Park. A. build B. built C. building D. to build 2. I'm sorry to have kept you _____ C for almost two hours. A. wait B. to wait C. waiting D. waits 3. -Bob speaks Chinese quite, well. Yes, so he does. He practices _____ A Chinese every day A. speaking B. speak C. speaks D. spoke

4. -May I use your dictionary?- _____ D A. Never mind B. You are welcome C. It doesn't matter D. Certainly. Here you are A 5. Jack is very funny. He always makes us_____ A. laugh B. laughing C. to laugh D. laughs 6. My mother is busy_____ C the room. A. clean B. to clean C. cleaning D. cleans

7. Sorry, I'm busy today. I have_____ B homework to do. A. much too C. too many afternoon? A. with C. on B. at D. around B. too much D. many too

8. Can you play football______ A us this

9. Thanks a lot for _____ D me _____ your party.
A. invite; for B. invite; to

C. inviting; for

D. inviting; to

10. -Would you like to come to dinner this

Sunday, Xiaoming?-_____ A
A. I'd love to, but I have lots of things to do

B. Oh, no. That'll be too tired
C. I'll stay at home D. Yes, please

假如你叫王平, 你的朋友Jane邀请你下周 和她一起去看电影。你根据下面的安排, 给你的朋友回一封信。注意信的格式。 信的开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

Activities Monday Tuesday have a test have lessons the whole day

Thursday Friday Saturday

have lessons the whole day
have lessons the whole day have lessons the whole day help parents with the housework


visit my aunt


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