Unit2 English around the world
Part 1 要点归纳整合 话题 重点 单词

English language and development & Different kinds of English elevator gas n. n. adj. n. AD gradually Danish adv. adj

. n. identity latter fluent Malaysia frequently command n. adj. adj. n. adv. n. vt. expression African adj. n. eastern adj. adj. n. apartment actually base vt. n. vocabulary spelling fluently singapore n. adv. n. n. n. petrol n. cab n. official adj. n. n. adv.

voyage native

frequent adj. usage n. request n. vt. midwestern spanish adj. adj. adj. adj.

southeastern southeastern recognize vt. accent n.

northwestern lorry n.

straight adv. adj.
重点 词组

more than … be different from …

be able to do sth make use of …

at the end of … later in the next century / year later on the next day make voyages to … because of … come up to … over time communicate with … base A on B a be based on B at present
重点 句型

move to … take A to B A be taken to B begin to do sth give … to … a … number of the number of … in fact expect sb to do sth sb be expected to do sth play a / an … part in sth / doing sth

1. 形容词比较级+ than ever before 2. Even if

Part 2 词汇、句型巩固练习

单词巩固练习 repeat command vocabulary natives present boss identity government latter polite government actually official recognize frequently usage



1. English is the _______________language England, America, Canada, Australia and so on. 2. The government of the island treated the _______________badly. 3. He looks old, but_______________ he is in his 30’s. 4. It was unfair to discuss his case if he wasn’t _______________. 5. Traffic accident_______________happened on the highway last year, so drivers are warned of safety. 6. The _______________of the murdered woman has not yet been established.

7. The office is on the twelfth floor, we’d better take the_______________. 8. Our_______________ is coming to care more about the poor and weak. 9. More and more American people have moved from old rooms into new _______________. 10. If you want to read quickly and well, you should enlarge your _______________. 11. The officer _______________ his soldiers to fire.
12. The boy can _______________ all the story after he has read it only once. 13. The English are very_______________ to others; they often say “thank you” and “sorry”. 14. He is the _______________ of the factory, that is, the factory is in the charge of him. 15. My father is an officer in the army, while his father is an official in the _______________. 16. Many people support the former, but personally I favor the _______________. 17. What about the land _______________ there? 18. He changed so much that I didn’t _______________ at first sight.

1.official 9.apartments 16. Latter

2. natives



5.frequently 12. Repeat

6.identity 13. Repeat

7.elevator 14. Boss

8.government 15. Government

10.vocabulary 17. Usage

11. Commanded

18. recognize 词组巩固练习

than ever before

be different from be expected to

came up to more than

even if

make sense

instead of

communicate with

be based on

play a part in

1.The new building _______________ the old one in style. 2. A child_______________ me and showed me the way to the station. 3. What he said doesn’t _______________ any _______________. 4. You_______________ do your duty. 5. People_______________ 18 years old have the right to vote in China. 6. The film_______________ a novel written by Robert James Waller called The Bridges of Madison County. 7. The stars were shining brightly in the dark sky, and the night was more beautiful _______________. 8. The UN _______________ an important _______________ the international relations. 9. They went there by bus _______________ on foot.


10. We have decided to visit the museum _______________ it rains tomorrow. 11. With the Internet, he can _______________ directly _______________ Hong Kong and Beijing. 1. is different from before 2. Came up to 3. Make sense 10. Even if 4. Are expected to 6. More than 7. Than ever

8.plays part in

9. Instead of

11. Communicate with

Part 3 课文梳理

THE ROAD TO MODERN ENGLISH Time At the end of the 1._______________ century Events About 2._______________ people spoke English and nearly all of them live in 3._______________. Between about 1150 Between about AD 800 and 1150 English became 6._______________ like German because of the 4._______________ and It was based on 5._______________.

7._______________. By the 8._______________ Shakespeare made use of a wider 9._______________, which caused a big development in English 10._______________. In the 11._______________ century English was taken to 12,_______________. English became the language for 14._______________ and education in 15._______________. At present
17._______________ 16._______________ may have the largest number of English speakers.

From 1765 to 13._______________

Chinese English may develop its own 18._______________.

Time At the end of the 16th century Between about AD 450 and 1150 Between about AD 800 and 1150 By the 1600’s

Events About five to seven million people spoke English and nearly all of them live in England. It was based on German. English became less like German because of the rulers. Shakespeare made use of a wider vocabulary, which caused a big development in English usage.

In the 18th century

English was taken to Australia.

From 1765 to 1947 At present In the future

English became the language for government and education in India. China may have the largest number of English speakers. Chinese English may develop its own identity.

Part 4 词汇拓展 more than 1. People more than 18 years old have the right to vote in China. 2. More than one person has heard about the story. At least 3. 3. Both of them are much more than schoolmates. They are close friends. 4. Her performance was more than good; it was perfect. 5. The beauty of the West Lake is more than I can describe. 1、超过 4、非常 2、不止一个 3、不只是 each other 两者或两者以上的“相互” travel one another 三者或三者以上的 “相互” 冠词 1. At Christmas time the young people give presents to _______________.
2. Tom and Ann looked at

[U]n. 旅行的总称,前面不加

journey [C]n. 陆上长途旅行 trip [C]n. 短途往返旅行 tour [C]n. 旅行团观光旅行 voyage [C]n. 海上旅行、航行

_______________. 1. each other another 2. each other / one

1. The Titanic sank on its maiden

even if / though as if / though

尽管,即使 仿佛,好像








_______________ in India.

1. I won’t go _______________ he
invites me. 2. He talks _______________ he were an expert. 1. even if 2. as if

3. The made a _______________to the seaside last weekend. 4. We were given a guided


_______________ of the palace.






_______________ across Canada.

1. voyage Tour come up 1.A child came up to me and showed me the way to the station. 2. The sky was dark blue and clear when the moon came up. 3.Your question came up at the meeting. 4. I’ll let you know if anything comes present 1.When he came in, all the girls present turned to him. 2.Something must be done about the present situation. 3.The book is a present from my brother on my last birthday.

2. travel

3. Trip


5. journey

because + 句子 because of + 名词/that 引导的宾语从 句 1.He didn’t go to school yesterday
_______________ he was ill.

2.He didn’t go to school yesterday
_______________ his illness.


up. 5.I came up for the interview but didn’t get the job. 6.The snowdrops( 雪 莲 花 ) are just beginning to come up 1、走进 发生 2、升起 3、提出 6、发芽

4.The mayor(市长) present the winner with a golden cup. 5.He always presents a calm smiling face. 1、形容词,在场的 4、 前的 颁发 2、形容词,目 4、动词,

3.He didn’t go to school yesterday
_______________ that he was ill. 1. because of 2. Because of 3. Because

3、名词,礼物 5、动词,呈现



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