unit9-阅读指导 teching

Section B 1 1a-2c

Describe one of your good friends to
your classmates.
My good friend is tall. She is a little thin. She has long

straight hair. She wears

/>glasses? Who is she?

My good friend is of
medium height. He’s a

little heavy. He has short
straight hair. He wears

glasses. Who’s he?








1a Match the description words with the pictures.
1. a big nose ____ bd 2. blonde hair ____ a 3. a small mouth __ c 4. glasses __ b c 5. a round face __ 6. big eyes __ a 7. black hair ____ c d a b 8. a long face ____

1b Make sentences about famous people. Fill in the blanks. 1. Jackie Chan has black hair. 2. _______ has a round face. A Sa 3. ____________ Zhou Bichang wears glasses.

4. Marilyn ______________ Monroe has blonde hair. 5. Zhao ________ Wei has big eyes. 6. ________ Li Yong has a long face.

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1c 1d Listen and write Johnny Dean’s and Tina Brown’s jobs in the chart and what they look like.
Johnny Dean Job singer
thin has curly hair funny glasses

Tina Brown actress
medium height has long blonde hair beautiful

Looks like really tall and

1e Describe what your favorite singer or athletic looks like. My favorite singer is Jay Chou. He is of medium height and build. He has short black hair. He has small eyes. He’s really


My favorite singer is Wang Feng.
He’s of medium height. He’s a little

heavy. He has long curly hair. He
wears glasses. He’s really cool.

My favorite singer is Mo Wenwei.
She’s tall and thin. She has curly long

hair. She is really beautiful.

My favorite athlete is Liu Guoliang.
He’s a little short. He’s a little heavy.

He has short black hair.





2a Complete the chart with words of the
opposite meaning. young heavy old thin short long

short curly


Let’s watch and learn!

2b Read the newspaper article. Which picture shows the real criminal?

Read the article again then

answer the questions below.
1. What’s Joe Brown’s job? He’s a police artist. _________________

2. Is his work easy or difficult? Why? Sometimes it’s difficult. Because many people don’t always see things the same way so they may describe the same person differently. Also, they don’t always remember well.

2c Read the article again and write what the words in bold refer to. 1. He = 2. it = 3. him = 4. this =

5. they =
6. He =

1. 通读全文,掌握文章的大意。
2. 理解人称代词的用法,人称代词主要



1. He = Joe Brown 2. it = a picture of the criminal 3. him = the criminal 4. this = drawing a good picture 5. they = many people 6. He = the criminal

1. singer 唱歌家
构词法:动词 + er 名词 + ist 例如:teach (教)

artist 艺术家
(人物)名词 (人物)名词 teacher 老师

play (打)
piano (钢琴)

pianist (钢琴家)

violin (小提琴)

violinist (小提琴家)

2. each强调“个别”,可单独使用,也可修 饰单数名词; 而every修饰单数名词,强调“整体”; 相当于汉语中的“每个都”。例如: 每个男孩都有一只风筝。 Each boy has a kite.

Every student in the class likes English.

3. differently adv. 意为“不同地”,主

They think differently. 他们想的不同。

4. another adj. 意为“另一” This sweater is too small. Please give me another big one. 另外,another 还可作代词,意为“另一 个” We don’t like this room. Let’s ask for another.

5. Also, they don’t always remember well. 当 also 用于句首时,其后往往有逗号与 句子其他部分隔开。这时,also用于修 饰整个句子,相当于汉语的“同时; 还;而且”。 e.g. Mr. Li’s class is interesting. Also, he

makes it easy to understand.

also 也常表示“也”,往往位于be动 词 后,行为动词前。 e.g. My father can speak English. He can also speak French.

6. real adj. 意为“真正的;真实的” 这不是个真戒指。 It’s not a real ring. 【拓展】really adv. 意为“真正地” 看! 那个女演员真漂亮。

Look! That actress is really beautiful.

用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. — Who’s your favorite ______ singer (sing)? — It’s Zhang Jie. 2. — Where is the _____ artist (art) from? — He’s from Australia.

一、熟读2b中的短文。 二、总结一些常见的形容词类反义 词,并用它们造句子。如:young, old; interesting, boring等。


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