What’s your favorite book

Section B Period 1 (1a — 1d)

选择正确答案。 C 1. I’m looking at the photograph ______ you sent me with your letter. A. who B. it C. which A 2. We should give love to the children _____ l

ost their parents in the earthquake. A. who B. those C. whom B 3. My parents usually buy me clothes ______ are cheap. A. who B. that C. what

用关系代词将下列两个短句合并成一个长句子。 1. Tom lost a shirt. The shirt cost him a lot of money. ______________________________ Tom lost a shirt that / which cost him a lot of money. ______________________________ 2. We like to eat the fruit. Mother bought the fruit last night. ______________________________ We like to eat the fruit that / which mother bought last night. ______________________________

3. The nurse always comes to work very early. The nurse wears a white jacket. ______________________________ The nurse who / that wears a white jacket always comes to work very early. ______________________________ 4. Everyone loves to read the book. Helen Jones wrote the book. _______________________________ Everyone loves to read the book that / which Helen Jones wrote. ________________________________

What’s your favorite book?

A: I like books that ... I love …

B: Oh, I don’t. I like books that …

A: I like books that … I love … B: I like that kind of books, too. I really like …

What’s your favorite movie?

A: I like movies that ... I love …
B: Oh, I don’t. I like movies that …

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A: I like movies that … I love …

B: I like that kind of movies, too. I really
like …

What’s your favorite band?

What’s your favorite fruit?

1a Fill in the chart. Write names of your
favorite band, book, and movie.



Describe the picture.


Listen and write down the three things that Michael likes in the first column of the chart. What Michael likes
jacket book movie

1c Listen again. Write why Michael likes
each thing in the second column of the chart.
Why he likes it
He likes clothes that are unusual. who explain things well. He likes writers _______________________ that are about monsters. He likes movies _______________________

A: I like music that …
B: Oh, I …

slow loud classical popular traditional

A: I like actors who / that …

B: Oh, I …

good- looking beautiful handsome active good at

I. 用所给词的正确形式填空 unusual (usual) experience 1. He had an _______ while traveling in Africa. 2. The book about basketball tells about how to become (become) a good basketball _________ player.

are 3. He likes movies that _______ (be ) really

explain 4. Students like teachers who _______

(explain ) things well. to sink (sink) after it 5. The Titanic began _______ hit the large iceberg.

II. 单项选择 C 1. She likes clothes _______ are in style. A. who B. what C. that D. whose D 2. He prefers people _______ are friendly to others. A. whom B. whose C. which D. who

3. My uncle got the ticket to the football C match _______ me. A. to B. on C. for D. of 4. We’re going to see a movie that _______ C scary monsters in it this weekend. A. have B. having C. has D. had

5. --- _______ B kind of band does Michael like? --- Sorry, I don’t know. You can ask him about it. A. Where B. What C. How D. When

III. 用适当的关系代词填空。 who / that saved the girl’s 1. This is the doctor _________ life. that / which I wrote by myself. 2. I sang a song __________ / that you’ve been 3. Here’s the man who _________ looking for. / which we 4. I shall never forget the days that __________ spent together. who / that I spoke to told me not 5. The teacher _________ to worry.

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